Free Patterns O-U

Ocean Breeze Baby Afghan
Orange & Yellow Daffodil
Parfait Baby Booties
Passion Flower
Patriotic Beer Cozy
Patriotic Child's Purse
Patriotic Coaster
Patriotic Enchant Flower
Patriotic Hat
Patriotic Merry Necklace
Patriotic Oven Mitt
Patriotic Pie Basket
Patriotic Pony Tail Holder
Patriotic Ruffled Scarf
Patriotic Sashay Scarf
Patriotic Starbella Necklace
Patriotic Striped Scarf
Peach Can Covers: Small, Medium, & Large
"Peacock" Filet Buffet Scarf
Pebbly Stripes Dishcloth
Persian Print Afghan
Picture Frame
Pig Chalkboard
Pineapple Blossoms Doily
Pineapple Centerpiece
Pineapple Snowflake Suncatcher
Pink Baby Booties
Pink Candle Flower
Pink Flip Flops
Pink Magnolia
Pink & White Hat
Pizzazz Purse
Plain & Simple Leaves
Plant Container Basket
Plush Woven Scarf
Poinsettias Bouquet
Poinsettia Granny Christmas Ornament
Poinsettia Squares Afghan
Pointed Harmony Doily
Pooch Purse
Poochie Hat
Popcorn Motif Bedspread
Popcorn Rose Potholder
Poppy Flower
Pretty As You Please Rose
Pretty Posey
Primrose Flower
Prism Baby Booties
Puff Motif Afghan
Purple Flip Flops
Raffia Angel
Raffia Angel Head
Raffia Beach Bag
Raffia Christmas Tree
Raffia Sun Hat
Rag Strip Christmas Card Basket
Rapid Blue Dishcloth
Rectangular Doily
Red & White Baby Booties
Red Heart Sachet
Red Irish Rose
Ribbons Necklace
Rippled Macaroon Poncho
Rooster Toaster Cover
Rose Bathroom Contour Rug
Rose Bathroom Rug
Rose Bathroom Toilet Seat Cover
Rose Bouquet
Rose Bouquet Free Crochet Pattern
Rose Broom Doll
Rose Can Covers: Small, Medium, & Large
Rose Triton Poncho
Rosebud Bib
Rosebud Potholder
Rosebud Toilet Paper Topper
Roses On The Square Afghan
Round Center Flower
Round Doily
Ruffled Scarf
Ruffly Big Bloom
Sachet Bag
Sandcastles Dishcloth
Santa Dishcloth
Santa & Snowman Mini Bottle Topper
Santa & Snowman Ornaments
Scotty Rug
Scrapbook Hearts
Seed Stitch Adult Hat
Seed Stitch Belt
Serenity Hat with PomPoms
Shaggy Rug
Shamrock Coaster
Shell Dishcloth
Shell Dress Potholder
Shell Placemat & Napkin Ring
Shopping Bag
Simplicity In Stripes Rug
Sizzling Scalloped Shawlette
Small Easter Basket
Small Heart
Small Star
Snowball Hat
Snowflake Coaster
Snowman Ornament
Soul Heart Dishcloth
Spiral Hair Tie
Spring Blush Rose
Star Snowflake
Starbella Lace Necklace
Starry Night Necklace
Starry Snowflake
Stephanie's Bear
Stitch Repeat: Beachy Waves
Stitch Repeat: Berry Stitch
Stitch Repeat: Crocodile Stitch
Stitch Repeat: Cross Stitch
Stitch Repeat: Granny Rows
Stitch Repeat: Lacy Bobbles
Stitch Repeat: Long Single Crochet
Stitch Repeat: Mosaic Plaid Ripple
Stitch Repeat: Polka Dots
Stitch Repeat: Rickrack
Stitch Repeat: Seed Stitch
Stitch Repeat: Shell #1
Stitch Repeat: V-Stitch
Strata Necklace
String of Hearts
Striped Cans: Small, Medium, & Large
Striped Hat
Striped Rib Dishcloth
St Patrick's Day TP Topper
Suede Poncho
Sugar 'n' Spice Baby Afghan
Super Easy American Girl Doll Skirt
Sunbonnet Sue Broom Doll
Sunflower Fridgie
Swirls Doily
T-Shirt Circular Rug
Tiny Heart
Tiny Star
Trellis Wrap
Trillium Flower
Turkey Mini Bottle Topper
Two-Tone Carnation