Designer Guidelines

Maggie’s Crochet New Designer Guidelines

How would you like to partner with us on your designs? Over the years I have sold hundreds of my crochet designs to various publishers. I still think about some of these brilliant designs as if they were long lost children that I put up for adoption, never to be seen again. To prevent this from happening to you, and to help you grow a business of your own, I have come up with a ‘partnership’ idea.  This partnership enables you to retain some publishing and distribution rights so you don’t have to give up all rights to your designs.

This partnership provides you (the designer) with the technical editing of your design and photos.  We then publish your design on our website and you get the edited pattern and photo to sell on yours - forever!

If you have created designs that are original, new, unique and totally your own, you can possibly partner with us for extra income!

Guidelines & Process:

 Email or mail clear, good-quality photos of your designs. Include information on yarn, thread and any other materials used. Also, include hook size(s) and finished size(s) of item or garment. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of photos. Please include a daytime phone number.
Mail: Maggie’s Crochet, PO Box 39807, Greensboro, NC 27438

 Include your suggested design fee.

 We may accept your design right away or we may ask you to send samples for further review. From this point you can send design ideas, swatches and or sketches.

4. If your original design is accepted we will send you a contract.

 Once we have photographed and edited your pattern, we will send you a copy of the PDF file and photo, enabling you to publish the
pattern and sell directly to crocheters, using our photograph and the edited pattern. Our partnership will allow you the right
to sell the pattern on your personal websites
such as Ravelry,, Etsy, etc. This partnership will enable you to focus on designing while building your business and brand. This agreement does not allow you to sell to any other publishers, websites or yarn companies.

If Your Design Is Not Accepted:
We will return all materials to you. Please, please, please, do not get discouraged!!  Over the years, as a designer, I have received hundreds of rejection letters!!! Keep Trying!  Watch our newsletters and featured items on to see the types of patterns we are looking for.

We look forward to partnering with you!

Any Questions?