Red Riding Hood Tea Set Crochet Pattern

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Design By: Donna Collinsworth

Skill Level: Intermediate
Tea Pot Carrier (unfolded) - 24" across;
Tea Pot - 5" tall; Sugar Bowl - 3" across
Creamer 3" tall; Cup - 3" tall
Large Plate - 6" across; Small Plate - 4" across;
Tea Cake - 3 1/2" tall;
Materials: Worsted Weight Yarn :
Cherry Red (R) - 7 oz, 364 yd; (198 g, 333 m)
White (W) - 7 oz, 364 yd; (198 g, 333 m)
Cornmeal (Y) - 7 oz, 364 yd; (198 g, 333 m)
DelftBlue (DB) - 3½ oz, 182 yd; (99 g, 166 m)
Grey (G) - - 3½ oz, 182 yd; (99 g, 166 m)
Brown (B) - 2 oz, 104, (57 g, 95 m)
Light Blue (LB) - 2 oz, 104, (57 g, 95 m)
Beige (BG) - 2 oz, 104, (57 g, 95 m)
Cream (C) - 3 oz, 152 yd, (84 g, 137 m)

Fun Fur (Bulky Weight Yarn): Silver Fox – 1.75 oz, 55 yd ( 50 g, 50 m)

Size 10 Crochet Thread: White and Black,
Yarn Needle, Thread Needle, Fiberfill, Craft Glue,
White Ribbon 1" wide - 24",
Fabric Paint - Black,

Red Riding Hood Tea Set Crochet Pattern

Once upon a time there was a house in the woods, with flowers growing in the window boxes... and handles. "Why handles", you may ask. Because this house holds a big secret for little girls. Untie the ribbons and open the crochet toy house. Lay the house flat to find a checked picnic cloth and the full cast of players for the performance of Little Red Riding Hood. This crochet play set is all ready to pour the tea into the basket tea cups and have a performance of this classic story. There's Grandma (in her apron) acting the part of the sugar bowl. Among the plates you'll find the delicious-looking pretend tea-cakes. Special mention must be made of the scene-stealer of the picnic performance. The big, bad wolf's portrayal of the creamer is unforgettable.

Red Riding Hood Tea Set is an intermediate crochet pattern that will offer hours of pretend fun once completed. Crochet toys are the perfect choice for children because there are no worries about broken pieces. This tea set is special because it folds into a handy carrying case will all the pieces tucked inside. That means you can pack it up for travel, or just a little excursion to the park. The finished carrier is about 24 inches across when unfolded. That is plenty of room to have a tea party with all the fixings. Choose the Red Riding Hood Tea Set for your next homemade gift. This cute play set will delight any girl that likes to have tea parties and play time with her dolls.

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Red Riding Hood Tea Set Crochet Pattern for your little girls tea party!

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