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Vintage Redwork Potholders Crochet Pattern

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Maggie Weldon Designs

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Watch Maggie review this beautiful Vintage Redwork Potholders Crochet Pattern!

Design By: Maggie Weldon

Skill Level: Intermediate

Size: Ruffled Rose - About 6" diameter
Blooming Border - About 6" diameter
Red Flower Square- About 6" square
Flower Hat - About 6" diameter
Briefs, Boxers & Bloomers - About 6" wide, 4½" long

Materials: Size 10 Crochet Cotton Thread:
Ruffled Rose Crochet Pattern
Red - 40 yds
White - 100 yds
Green - 10 yds
Blooming Border Crochet Pattern
Red - 60 yds
White - 70 yds
Yellow - 20 yds
Red Flower Square Crochet Pattern
Red - 20 yds
White - 60 yds
Green - 10 yds
Flower Hat Crochet Pattern
Red - 20 yds
White - 180 yds
Small amounts - Green and Yellow
¼" Red Ribbon - 18"
Thread Needle
Briefs, Boxers and Bloomers Crochet Pattern
Red - 40 yds
White - 240 yds
Thread Needle

Crochet Hook: Steel Number 7 (1.65 mm)

Vintage Redwork Potholders Crochet Pattern

My fascination with all things crochet and crochet patterns, leads me to many antique shows. Over the years my collection of vintage crocheted potholders has outgrown the space on my kitchen walls! With the revival of croccheted  Redwork in handcrafts as well as the revitalization of vintage crochet patterns, this set of crochet potholders is a welcome guest in any home. Not only are they practical (yes, you can use them if they're crocheted using 100% cotton), they also make wonderful decorations in any kitchen.

All the crocheted potholders in this set are made using size 10 crochet cotton thread and a steel # 7 crochet hook. They are all double thickness so they can be used with heat.

As I've previously mentioned, these crocheted potholders look great as wall decorations in kitchens or dining-rooms. They are worked up fairly quickly with these crochet patterns and make wonderful and treasured gifts. Personally, I don't have the heart to use them practically, but if you do want to use the finished vintage potholder in the kitchen, I suggest lining them with either a store bought potholder or layers of cotton quilt batting. Another idea is to place hot cookware on the backside of your potholder to protect the front from scorch marks. I have seen a few old potholders with a cotton backing added to them showing signs of scorching. The front of the potholder is like new but the back shows all the wear and tear from use.

Enjoy the new look to your kitchen with these crochet patterns.

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