Vintage Fashion Potholder Crochet Patterns

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Maggie Weldon Designs

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Watch Maggie review these super cute Vintage Fashion Potholder Crochet Patterns!

Design by: Maggie Weldon

Skill Level: Intermediate

Crochet Thread Size 10:

Red & White Ripple Dress

White - 150 yds; Red - 100 yds
⅜" Red Buttons - 2; 1" Plastic Ring; Thread Needle

Blue & White Dress

White - 120 yds; Blue - 120 yds
Thread Needle

Yellow & White Jumper

White - 70 yds; Yellow - 100 yds
½" Pearl Buttons - 2; Thread Needle

Yellow & White Romper

White - 60 yds; Yellow - 100 yds
½" Pearl Buttons - 2; Thread Needle

Pink & White Dress

White - 70 yds; Pink - 70 yds
⅜" Pink Buttons - 2; Thread Needle

Spider Lace Bloomers

White - 100 yds; Pink - 30 yds
Multicolor - 10 yds; Thread Needle

Crochet Hook: Steel size 7 (1.65 mm) or size needed to obtain gauge. (Gauge is in each pattern.)

My Crochet Pattern Inspiration:

Potholders are items we take for granted in the kitchen… until we're confronted with a hot pot and can't find one anywhere!  These days they are essential to have near the cooker, not to mention the microwave oven, and one can never have enough of them.  These charming crochet patterns for crochet fashion potholders probably date from the 1940s or 50s, when novel shapes and designs became popular. This crochet pattern set is perfect to add some color and 'style' to your kitchen.

How These Crochet Patterns are made:

All the crochet patterns for potholders in this set are made using size 10 crochet cotton thread and a steel # 7 crochet hook. They are all double thickness so they can be used with heat. This crochet pattern set includes instructions for the following designs:

Red & White Ripple Dress - 8" wide & 5" long (without Hanger)

Blue & White Dress - 6½" wide & 5" long (without Hanger)

Yellow & White Jumper - 6" wide & 5½" long

Yellow & White Romper - 5¾" wide & 4½" long

Pink & White Dress - 6 ½" wide & 4 ½" long

Spider Lace Bloomers - 6" wide & 4 ½" long

Oh, Yeah…

If you want to use the finished vintage potholder in the kitchen, I suggest lining them with either a store-bought potholder or layers of cotton quilt batting. Another idea is to place hot cookware on the back side of your potholder to protect the front from scorch marks.

Enjoy this Crochet Pattern and please write a review!

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