Vintage Doilies Crochet Pattern Leaflet

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Vintage Doilies Crochet Pattern Leaflet

Vintage doilies have an appeal like no other crochet items. Their old-fashioned elegance gives any room an elegant touch. The Vintage Doilies Crochet Pattern Leaflet features five gorgeous designs; Grape Doily, two options for the Pansy Doily, Pineapple Doily and Calla Lilly Doily. The gorgeous "Grape Doily" features a stunning color combination of variegated purple, forest green and white. Two all-time favorite "Pansy Doilies" are sure to brighten up your home or the day of a cherished friend. A classic "Pineapple Doily" is a true vintage design that you have to crochet. The final crochet doily is the forever favorite "Calla Lilly Doily".

Vintage crochet doilies feature intricate stitches that offer a challenge. Even though these are vintage reproductions, they will still give your home a warm feeling. Each vintage doily in the Vintage Doilies Crochet Pattern Leaflet are worked using bedspread cotton thread (size 10). Place these pretty designs in a guest room to make the area comfortable for visitors, or use your favorite design as a centerpiece for a dining room table or decorative cabinet. Find a new sense of enjoyment with making these fine thread doilies. You will get a new appreciation for the crochet craft and work it takes to complete an intricate design. The Vintage Doilies in this pattern set are perfect for your home, but don't forget they also make a special gift for someone that appreciates vintage quality items. Make one, or make them. You can make a set for you, and then make your favorites ones for gifts.

You can never have too many crocheted doilies!

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