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Pumpkin Toilet Cover Crochet Pattern

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Maggie Weldon Designs

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Design by: Maggie Weldon

Skill Level: Easy

Size: Toilet Cover fits most standard household toilets. Kleenex cover is for square tissue boxes.

Materials: Yarn Needle; Hot or Craft Glue (optional); Light Worsted Weight Yarn;
Tank Cover: Black (MC): 5 oz, 275 yd (140 g, 248 m);
Seat Cover: Orange (MC): 6 oz, 330 yd (168 g, 297 m); 36″ length of ¼″ elastic;
Pumpkin's Face: Orange (MC): 5 ½ oz, 248 yd (154 g, 223 m); Small amount Black (CC);
Hat: Black (MC): 3 oz, 165 yd (84 g, 149 m); Small amount Purple (CC) and Yellow (Y).

Crochet Hook: Size I-9 (5.50 mm) and N (10.00 mm) or sizes needed to obtain gauge.

Pumpkin Toilet Cover Crochet Pattern

Most of us enjoy a festive crochet atmosphere in every room of the house during holidays. Don't forget the bathroom!  Pumpkin Toilet Cover Crochet Pattern allows you to add a bit of fun to an often overlooked space. Spruce up your toilet cover and tank with this wonderful crochet Pumpkin Toilet Cover. You are sure to get smiles from everyone that visits your bathroom with a smiling pumpkin ready to great visitors. Who wants to look at a plain toilet? The crochet toilet cover fits over the seat lid and toilet tank to give full coverage that no one will miss when walking into the room. The pumpkin is wearing a crocheted witch hat that fits over the top of the tank. The top of the hat hides a square Kleenex box to provide structure. The crochet seat cover adds padding to make for comfort a comfortable seat while getting ready in the morning.

Made with Worsted Weight yarn, these simple toilet covers are the perfect finishing touch for your Halloween decorations. The toilet cover fits over most standard toilets with ease. The Pumpkin Toilet Cover Crochet Pattern is an easy crochet pattern that is perfect for all skill levels. Even a beginner crocheter will have excellent results making this project. Holiday crochet projects offer a special delight and are fun to make. This quick project will give you satisfaction when you finish it to decorate your home. Grab your worsted-weight yarn and start making this fun pumpkin decoration before Halloween rolls around the corner.

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