Premium Vintage Potholder Crochet Pattern

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Maggie Weldon Designs

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Crochet 6 Vintage Potholders for your home or gifts.  Easy to follow crochet patterns ranging from Beginner to Intermediate crochet skills.

Knit, Crochet Cotton Thread, Steel Crochet Hook, yarn.

Watch Maggie review these beautiful Premium Vintage Potholder crochet patterns!


Design By: Maggie Weldon

Skill Level: Intermediate

Sunbonnet Sue Potholder - about 6½" wide, 8" long
Irish Rose Potholder - about 5" square
Full Skirt Dress Potholder - about 10" wide, 6" long
Yellow Rose Potholder - 6" square
Pink-Edged Dress Potholder - about 8" wide, 6" long
Granny Square Potholder - about 7" wide, 11" long

Materials:Crochet Thread Size 10:
Sunbonnet Sue:Red - 30 yd, White - 125 yd.
Irish Rose:White - 50 yd, Red - 30 yd, Green - 10 yd.
Full Skirt Dress:White - 95 yd, Green - 75 yd.
Yellow Rose:White - 45, Yellow - 30 yd, Green - 7 yd.
Pink Edged Dress:White - 65 yd, Pink - 15 yd, Green - 10 yd, Small amount Yellow.
Granny Square:White - 90 yd, Blue - 45 yd,
Green - 12 yd; Variegated Pinks - 12 yd. 

Additional Materials:
For Pink-Edged Dress- Steel size 5 (1.90 mm) hook - for Flowers and Leaves; and Size C-2 (2.75 mm) hook for Tie; Thread Needle.
Granny Square- ¾" Plastic Ring; Thread Needle.  

Crochet Hook:
For all Potholders:Steel size 7 (1.65 mm) or size needed to obtain gauge. (Gauge is in each pattern.)

Crochet Patterns for Premium Vintage Potholders 

There's something about collecting vintage potholders especially the ones made from these crochet patterns. Not only do the originals tell us stories about the past, but by recreating them, we are adding to the treasures of the future. Vintage crochet adds a special touch to any space. These classic potholder designs come in a pack of six patterns to give you variety and fun recreating the past. The patterns are perfect to make for yourself, or as a gift to someone special. Changing yarn colors lets you customize the look to match the kitchen or display area. Potholders similar to these designs served a practical use, making it difficult to find original vintage pieces. The Premium Vintage Potholder crochet patterns make a nice heirloom crochet project that you can pass down to many generations to come.

Sunbonnet Sue is an American icon who's been around for more than 100 years. Generally she appears in quilts, but here she's in a crochet pattern with a frilly-edged bonnet. The red Irish Rose potholder is another classic for your collection, as is the Yellow Rose. Their centers are similar but each potholder is unique. Dresses (and other apparel) feature a lot in vintage potholder collection. Here we have two; A pretty Pink-Edged Dress which reminds up of Springtime, and a Full-Skirt Dress in White and Stripes with picot edging. Crocheted granny squares are the foundation of many intriguing designs. In the Granny Square potholder crochet pattern, the three granny squares are folded in a kite-shape and joined at the top point to make a gorgeous adornment for your kitchen wall.

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