Mildred and Maude Vintage Filet Kitten Doily Crochet Pattern

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Maggie Weldon Designs

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It's not often that hobos and doilies come to mind at the same time. Doilies remind us of impeccable homes and equally impeccable hospitality; silver tea sets, petit fours, and company manners. In sharp contrast, the classic American "Hobo", a character who emerged during the Great Depression, was a wandering traveler who hopped the rails from place to place. He traveled with only the clothes on his back, living off the land and the kindness of strangers.  As you can imagine, these fellows were not always welcome. To that end, they developed their own "language" of signs and symbols that they used to leave messages and warnings for each other. One of the most well-known hobo signs is the cat. A cat carved on a fencepost or drawn on a mailbox meant that a kindly and hospitable woman lived there, while a pair of interlocking circles warned that hobos were arrested on sight.

Show your hospitality and good taste with this timeless home accessory. The adorable kittens, Mildred and Maude, are created in classic filet crochet, and are sure to add just the right whimsical touch to a special spot in your home. This thread crochet pattern is for intermediate level crocheters. The filet kittens are beautifully simple, but the pineapple edging requires a more experienced touch.

Edited By:Maggie Weldon

Skill Level: Intermediate

Size:Width - 13 3/4"; Length - 23 1/4" long

Materials:Size 10 cotton crochet thread   

White – 480 yards

Crochet Hook: Steel # 7 (1.65 mm); or size hook needed to obtain gauge.

Gauge:10 squares = 2.3"; 10 rows = 2.5"

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