Lovebird Doily Crochet Pattern

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Edited By: Maggie Weldon

Skill Level: Intermediate

Model shown was worked in Size 20 thread.
For a smaller Doily, Size 30 thread can be used.
For a larger Doily, Size 10 thread can be used.
Smaller or larger hooks should be used accordingly.

Size: About 18" wide by 14" long.
(Each Bird is about 10" wide by 11" long.)

Size 20 Crochet Thread:
White - 350 yds
Thread Needle

Crochet Hook: Steel No. 8 (1.50 mm) or size needed to obtain gauge.

Gauge: Head Rounds 1-3 = 2½" diameter.

Crochet Pattern for Lovebird Doily

Birds of a feather are stitched together in this gorgeous crochet pattern.  Birds are crocheted separately and then stitched together with a lace skirt.  The birds are worked with crochet cotton thread size 10 and a steel crochet hook. 

Lovebirds are one of nine species of parrots.  They are the smallest of all the species "Lovebird" stems from their strong pair bonding and the long periods of time they spend sitting together. 

"Birds of a feather flock together" means those of similar tastes congregate in groups. This saying has been in use since the mid16th century.  


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