Ladybug Tea Set Crochet Pattern

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Watch Maggie review this beautiful Ladybug Tea Set Crochet Pattern!

Design by: Donna Collinsworth

Skill Level: Intermediate

 Tea Set Carrier (unfolded) - 24" across (point to point)
Small Ladybug - 1"; Tea Pot - 5" tall; Cup - 3" tall; Creamer - 3" tall; Sugar Bowl - 3" across; Large Plate - 6" across; Small Plate - 4" across; Cupcake - 3½" tall

Materials: Worsted Weight Yarn :

Cherry Red (R) - 14 oz, 728 yd; (396 g, 666 m)
White (W) - 3½ oz, 182 yd; (99 g, 166 m)
Black (B) - 3½ oz, 182 yd; (99 g, 166 m)
Cream (C) - 3 oz, 152 yd, (84 g, 137 m)
Tan (T) - 2 oz, 104, (57 g, 95 m)
Light Blue (LB) - 2 oz, 104, (57 g, 95 m)
Size 10 Crochet Thread: Scarlet, Black, and Maize.
Additional Materials: Yarn Needle, Thread Needle, Fiberfill, Craft Glue; Fabric Paint - Black;
Red Ribbon 1" wide - 24";
1" (25mm) Wiggle Eyes - 2;
⅝" (15mm) Wiggle Eyes - 2 (for Tea Pot);
½" (12mm) Wiggle Eyes - 4 (Creamer/ Sugar Bowl);
⅜" (10mm) Wiggle Eyes - 4 (for Cups);
1" Black Pompoms - 2; ½" Black Pompoms - 10;
Black Chenille Stems - 4

Crochet Pattern for Ladybug Tea Set

Ladybugs are commonly viewed as lucky insects and some people believe it is unlucky to kill them. As they are the natural enemy of many insects (especially aphids), they are welcome at picnics and outdoor tea parties. This crochet pattern makes the Ladybug Tea Set a perfect toy or play set for any little girls that likes to have tea parties. Whether you are dining outside with friends, or setting up tea for stuffed animals, the Ladybug Tea Set let you bring own ladybugs along with you. The set includes a handy carrier and all the pieces for a "Tea for Two in a bag". Once you have laid out the teapot, sugar bowl, creamer and cups on the lace tea cloth, sit back with your cupcakes and enjoy an tea party without insects! At the end of the party, simply fold up the play mat to transform it into a handy carrier and storage unit for all the tea set pieces.  This crochet pattern is sure to please.

Ladybug Tea Set crochet pattern includes a tea set carrier, small ladybug, tea pot, cup, creamer, sugar bowl, large plate, small plate and cupcake. All set pieces work up quickly with worsted-weight yarn. Multiple colors and a variety of crochet stitches set this child crochet tea set at an intermediate level pattern. Make enough pieces for two to dine comfortably on the play mat, or increase the place settings to the number needed for more guests to join in on the fun.

Ladybug, Ladybug, let's take a break.
It's time for tea. Please pass me a cupcake.

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