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Floral Year of Wreaths Set 3 (Sept to Dec) Crochet Pattern

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Designs By: Donna Collinsworth

Intermediate Skill

Size:  About12"-14"diameter


Morning Glories-

Worsted Weight Yarn:

            Light Blue- 2 oz, 110 yd(56g,100m)

            White -2oz,110yd (56g,100m)

            Green - 4 oz, 220 yd (112g, 200m)

Cosmos -

Sport Weight Yarn:

            Light Pink- 2 oz, 132 yd(56g,120m)

            White -2oz,132yd (56g,120m)

            Pink-3oz,200yd (85g, 180m)


Worsted Weight Yarn:

            BrickRed-2oz,132yd (56g,120m)

            Green - 4 oz, 220 yd (112g, 198m)


Worsted Weight Yarn:

            Red-4oz,220yd (112g,198m)

            Green - 4 oz, 220 yd (112g, 198m)

Fingering Weight Yarn :

            Gold Lamé Metallic-75yd

Additional Materials: Craft Glue;

Box of Regular Straight Pins;

¾"-1½"wideRibbon-30inches long (for Bows)

Morning Glories

            Grape Vine Wreath - 14" diameter

            Yellow Chenille Stem


            Grape Vine Wreath - 14" diameter

            Size 10Crochet Thread -Yellow

            18" White Gypsophila Spray (3 stems on each) - 2 (or other similar small silk flowers)


            12" Styrofoam Wreath


            12" Styrofoam Wreath

            Gold Chenille Stems - 5

            2½" wide Gold Lamé Ribbon- 1 spool

            1½" Pearl bead-topped corsage pins -16

            8 mm White Pearl Beads - 16

Crochet Hooks:

Morning Glories

Size H-8 (5.00mm) or size needed to obtain gauge. Cosmos

Size F-5 (3.75mm)or size needed to obtain gauge.

Steel 7 (1.65mm) or size needed to obtain gauge.


Size J-10 (6.00mm) or size needed to obtain gauge.


Size H-8 (5.00mm) or size needed to obtain gauge.

Size E-4 (3.50mm) or size needed to obtain gauge.


Floral wreathes are a pretty accent for a front door or wall. The Floral Year of Wreaths - Set 3 - September to December is the third set in this series. These beautiful wreaths will look fantastic hanging on your door. With a separate design for each month, you'll have plenty of variety and keep your front door looking fresh. The first two sets are among our most popular patterns, so make sure you get all three sets to have 12 months of wreathes to add a little charm for your home. Floral crochet adds a romantic feel to your home.

September features beautiful morning glories in a shade of light blue with light green leaves. While the real thing only lasts a day and closes up tight at night, your morning glories will lighten up your home all month. October's flower is the cosmos, which is named after the Greek word for harmony and order thanks to its evenly spaced petals. The pattern calls for a bright and gentle mixture of pink and white flowers that are sure to harmonize the space. In November, your chrysanthemum wreath will put everyone that sees it in the mood for the fall. With Thanksgiving approaching, the mixture of rust flowers and green foliage fits the season. December is the month for Christmas and the popular poinsettia flower. What better flower to light up your home for the holiday season with this pretty wreath. The pattern mixes in some white beads and golden ribbon to really make the wreath sparkle for the holidays.


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