Elegant Easter Eggs Crochet Pattern

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Maggie Weldon Designs

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Design by: Maggie Weldon

Skill Level: Easy

Size: About 2 ½″ tall x 1 ¾″ wide.

Materials: Hot or Craft Glue; 1 Plastic Egg for each Cover; Yarn Needle; Sport Weight Yarn;
Double Eyelet: White (MC): 20 yd, 18 m; 1 yd of Pink 1/8″ wide Ribbon;
Violet: Lavender (MC): 20 yd, 18 m, Small amount Gold (G) and Purple (P);
10″ of Purple 1/8" wide Ribbon;
Ruffled: Mint Green (MC): 20 yd, 18 m; Small amount White (CC);
Purple & White Shells: Small amount Purple (MC) and White (CC);
Daffodil: Yellow (MC): 20 yd, 18 m; Small amount Gold (G) and White (W); 10″ of Green 1/8″ wide Ribbon;
Pink & White Stripes: Small amount Pink (P) and White (W); 10″ of White 1/8″ wide Ribbon;
Daisy: Light Green (MC): 20 yd, 18 m; Small amount Green (G), Yellow (Y) and White (W);
10″ of Light Green 1/8″ wide Ribbon;
Single Eyelet: Pink (MC): 20 yd, 18 m; 15″ of White 1/8″ wide Ribbon;
Blue & White Stripes: Small amount Blue (A) and White (B); 10″ of White 1/8″ wide Ribbon;
Polka Dot: Blue (MC): 20 yd, 18 m; Square of Craft Foam; Hole Punch;
Spiral Striped: 20 yd, 18 m each White (MC) and Variegated (CC);
Multicolored Stripes: Small amounts 5 colors (A, B, C, D and E); 10″ of coordinating 1/8″ wide Ribbon.

Crochet Hook: Size F-5 (3.75 mm) or size needed to obtain gauge.

Elegant Easter Eggs Crochet Pattern

Easter wouldn't be complete without an Easter tree, complete with colorful eggs hanging from the branches. The 12 breathtaking crochet Easter egg designs in the Elegant Easter Eggs Crochet Pattern book are ideal for this purpose. Start a vibrant tradition with your family and create your own personalized tree. Add additional decorations to give the tree your own personality and a reason to remind you of the season. Your whole family can join in on the fun, and it all starts by crocheting these cute egg decorations. Elegant Easter Eggs Pattern includes instructions for Double Eyelet, Violet, Ruffled, Purple & White Shells, Daffodil, Pink & White Stripes, Daisy, Single Eyelet, Blue & White Stripes, Polka Dot, Spiral Striped and Multicolored Stripes eggs.

Elegant Easter Eggs Pattern are easy crochet patterns for all skill levels. Christmas doesn't have to be the only holiday that gets tree decorations. It is quick and fun to crochet the eggs. The colors and designs are endless when using a variety of yarns with each egg pattern. You will be amazed at how many combinations and unique creations you can come up with. The finished eggs are about 2-1/2 inches tall and lightweight. You can hang them on wood branches, or fill an Easter basket full to use as a table decoration. These colorful and fun eggs also make a creative Easter gift for friends, family or the host of your Easter celebration. Dig into your yarn scraps to see what color combinations you can come up with for these festive crochet eggs.

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