Circus Banks Crochet Pattern Pack

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Design By: Mary Pueschner

Skill Level: Easy 

Size: About 3½" wide by 7" Tall

Materials:Worsted Weight Yarn:

Elephant: Grey (MC) - 3.5 oz (100 g), 195 yd (175 m);
Pink (CC) - 1 oz (30 g), 55 yd (50 m);
Variegated (V) – 1 oz (30 g), 55 yd (50 m);
Small amount Blue (B) yarn;
Small piece of Red Felt ;
Elastic 2" diameter Pony Tail Holder;
24 oz plastic Pepsi bottle.

Monkey: Lt Brown (MC) - 3½ oz (100g), 195 yd (175m);
Beige (CC) - 1 oz (30 g), 55 yd (50 m);
Red (R) - 1 oz (30 g), 55 yd (50 m);
Yellow (Y), White (W) and Brown (Bn) - 5 yd ea.

Horse: Brown (MC) - 6 oz (180 g), 330 yd (300 m);
White (W), Black (Bk) and Grey (Gy) - 5 yd ea.
Small amount of Orange (O) and Green (Gn).

Clown: Yellow (MC) - 3.5 oz (100 g), 195 yd (175 m);
White (CC) - 2 oz (60 g), 110 yd (100 m);
Black (Bk) - 2 oz (60 g), 110 yd (100 m);
Navy (N) - 2 oz (60 g), 110 yd (100 m);\
Orange (O) - 2 oz (60 g), 110 yd (100 m);
Red (R) - ½ oz (15 g), 28 yd (25 m).
¾" Pom-poms - 4 (Green, Orange, Blue and Red);
Elastic 2" diameter Pony Tail Holder.

Lion: Honey Gold (MC) - 5 oz (150 g), 275 yd (250 m);
Brown (CC) - 3.5 oz (100 g), 195 yd (175 m).
Red Felt - 1" square;
Fabric Paint- White and Black.
¾" Pom-pom - Black

Crochet Hooks: Size G-6 (4.00 mm) for HEAD AND BODY ONLY and Size F-5 (3.75 mm) FOR ALL OTHER PARTS; or sizes needed to obtain gauge.

Gauge: With G-Hook - 4 sc = 1" With F-Hook - 5 sc = 1"

Circus Banks Crochet Pattern Pack

When you are ready to get your child their first bank, check out the Circus Banks Pattern Pack to crochet one instead. Designed by Mary Pueschner, children of all ages will be delighted when you favor them with any one of these playful creatures fit for a 3 ring circus. Combine a 12 ounce bottle that has a 1-1/2 inch screw-on lid, worsted weight yarn and this easy to follow pattern to make these irresistible designs that double has piggy banks. You may make these without the bottle for darling stuffed toys. Circus Banks Pattern Pack includes clown, horse, monkey, elephant and lion. You get all five circus patterns for one great price. Make one of the cute figures, make them all. These adorable banks also make a great gift for a grandchild, niece, nephew or anyone that is ready to learn about saving money. The soft banks are attractive to children and they will love filling the inside with coins.

Circus Banks Pattern Pack are fun to make and have two options. You can either use a plastic bottle inside the cavity to make a bank, or transform these fun circus designs into crochet toys that your child can play with. Circus animals are fun for children and help make learning about money a fun time. Make several banks to teach the child about saving money for himself, and also saving money for donation or charity. With five bank designs, you have options for the style you make and the purpose of the banks.

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This Easy crochet pattern helps kids learn the value of money!


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