Holiday Dishcloth Set Crochet Pattern

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Skill Level: Easy


Valentine Heart - About 9 inches across and 9” long.

Shamrock - About 9” square.

Easter Egg - About 9” square.

Easter Bunny - About 9” wide and 11½” long.

Flag - About 9” wide and 8½” long.

Candy Corn - About 9” wide (widest point) and 8” long.

Pumpkin - About 9” round.

Thanksgiving Turkey - About 11½” wide and 8″ long.

Poinsettia in a Square - About 8″ square.

Christmas Wreath - About 8½” round.

Christmas Tree About 8” wide and 8” long.

New Year - About 10" square.


Materials: Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn :

(Lily Sugar ‘n Cream used in most models.)

Valentine Heart

Red – 1oz, 50yd (30g, 45m)

White – ⅓oz, 16yd (10g, 15m)


White – 1½oz, 75yd (45g, 68m)

Light Green – 1oz, 50yd (30g, 45m)

Dark Green – ½oz, 25yd (15g, 23m)

Easter Egg

Multicolor – 1½oz, 75yd (45g, 68 m)

Easter Bunny

White – 2oz, 100yd (60g, 90m)

Small amount Multicolor (for Bows)

Blue & Pink Embroidery Floss(for Eyes & Nose/Mouth)


Blue – 1oz, 50yd (30g, 45m);

White – 1oz, 50yd (30g, 45m);

Red – 1oz, 50yd (30g, 45m);

Gold – ½oz, 25yd (15g, 23m)

Candy Corn

White – ½oz, 25yd (15g, 23m)

Orange – 1oz, 50yd (30g, 45m)

Yellow – 1oz, 50yd (30g, 45m)


Orange – 1½oz, 75yd (45g, 69m)

Small amounts Black, Green and Brown.

Thanksgiving Turkey

Multicolor – 2oz, 100yd (60g, 90m);

Beige- 1oz, 50yd (30g, 45m)

Small amounts Brown, Pink and Maroon.

Poinsettia in a Square

Red – 2oz, 100yd (60g, 90m)

White – 2oz, 100yd (60g, 90m)

Small Amounts Yellow & Green.

Christmas Wreath

White – 2oz, 100yd (60g, 90m);

Green – 1oz, 50yd (30g, 45m);

Red – ½oz, 25yd (15g, 23m)

Christmas Tree

Green – 1½oz, 75yd (45g, 68m);

White – ½oz, 25yd (15g, 23m)

New Year

White – 1½oz, 75yds (45g, 68m)

Blue – 1oz, 50yd (30g, 45m)

Small amounts of various colors (for lettering).


Additional Materials: Yarn Needle.


Crochet Hook:Size H-8 (5.00 mm)

Except for Poinsettia in a Square, Christmas Wreath & Christmas Tree - Size G-6 (4.25mm)

Holidays always seem to be just around the corner, no matter what time of year it is. The new Holiday Dishcloth Set Crochet Pattern will help you with decorating your kitchen for these times. This Easy Skill set stitches up really quick and can be crocheted in your favorite holiday hues. This set includes dishcloth patterns for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve.

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