Winter Dishcloth Set Crochet Pattern

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Penguin - About 5½” wide by 10″ long (without feet).

Snowman Block - About 9” square.

White Snowflake - About 10″ diameter.

Winter Sunrise - About 9″ diameter.

Snowman - About 9” round.

Snow Tracks - About 8″ square.

Popcorn & Stripes - About 9” square.

Scrubby - About 9” diameter.

Ruffled Denim - About 10” wide – point to point.

Snowflake - About 9½” across – point to point.

Snow Lady - About 7” wide and 8½” long.

Kitten Crazy – About 8" wide and 10" long.


Materials: Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn :

(Lily Sugar ‘n Cream used in most models.)


White – 1oz, 50yds (30g, 46m)

Black – 1oz, 50yds (30g, 46m)

Small amount Yellow

Snowman Block

Blue – 1½oz, 75yds (45g, 68m)

White – 1oz, 50yd (30g, 45m)

Black – ½oz, 25yd (15g, 23m)

Small amount Orange.

White Snowflake

White – 2oz, 100yds (60g, 92m)

Winter Sunrise

Yellow – 1oz, 50yds (30g, 46m)

Blue – 1oz, 50yds (30g, 46m)

White – 1½oz, 75yds (45g, 69m)


White – 1½oz, 75yd (45g, 69m)

Black – 1oz, 50yd (30g, 46m)

Small amounts Orange and Blue.

Snow Tracks

White – 2oz, 100yds (60g, 92m)

Popcorn & Stripes

White – 1½oz, 75yd (45g, 69m)

Variegated – 1½oz, 75yd (45g, 69m)


Flecked White – 1½oz, 75yds (45g, 68m)

Blue – ½oz, 25yd (15g, 23m)

Ruffled Denim

Shaded Blues – 2oz, 95yds (57g, 86m)

White – 1oz, 50yds (30g, 45m)


White – 1oz, 50yds (30g, 45m)

Blue – 1oz, 50yds (30g, 45m)

Snow Lady

White – ¾oz, 38yds (23g, 34m)

Small amount Pink or Purple.

Kitten Crazy

Blue - 1oz, 50yds (30g, 46m);

Green – 1oz, 50yds (30g, 46m);

White – 1½oz, 75yds, (45g, 69m).


Additional Materials:

For All Dishcloths:

Yarn Needle.

For Scrubby Dishcloth:

Plastic Mesh Pot Scrubber.


Crochet Hooks:Size H-8 (5.00 mm)

Except for Winter Sunrise - Size I-9 (5.50 mm)

What do Penguins, Snowmen, and Snowflakes have in common? Winter! Now you can bring the feel of winter into your home without bringing in the cold! Crochet these Easy skill patterns with Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn and your favorite crochet hook in no time! The twelve dishcloths in the set are sure to warm your heart!

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