Pink Dishcloth Set Crochet Pattern

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Skill Level: Easy


Fancy Heart - About 9½” wide, 10½” long.

Pink Stripes - About 10” square.

"Marjorie" - About 9¾” square.

Singly Pink - About 9” wide, 8” long.

Ruffled Square - About 9½” square.

Tramlines - About 10½” wide and 9½” long.

Pink Triple Posts - About 8½” wide by 9” long.

Cotton Candy Popcorn - About 10½” diameter.

Shaded Shells - About 9” square.

Textured Stripes - About 9” square.

Lacy Delights - About 9” round.

This Little Piggy - About 10” wide and 8” long.

Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn :

Fancy Heart

Pink – 1oz, 50yd (30g, 46m)

White – ½oz, 25yd (15g, 23m)

Pink Stripes

White – 1oz, 50yd (30g, 46m)

Pinks – 1½oz, 75yd (45g, 69m)

(Lily Sugar ‘n Cream used in model.)


Variegated Pinks – 1oz, 50yd, (30g, 46m)

Hot Pink – ½oz, 25yd, (15g, 23m)

(Peaches & Crème and Bernat Cotton used in model.)

Singly Pink

Pink Stripes – 1½oz, 68yd (42g, 62m)

Ruffled Square

White – 1oz, 50yd (30g, 46m)

Pink – 1oz, 50yd (30g, 46m)

(Lily Sugar ‘n Cream & Bernat Cottontots used in model.)


White – 1oz, 50yd (30g, 46m)

Pink – 1oz, 50yd (30g, 46m)

Pink Triple Posts

Variegated Pinks – 2oz, 98yds (57g, 88m)

(Peaches & Crème used in model.)

Cotton Candy Popcorn

Pink- 2oz, 95yd (57g, 86yd)

Multicolor- 2oz, 95yd (57g, 86yd)

(Bernat Cottontots used in model.)

Shaded Shells

Variegated Pinks – 1½oz, 71yd (42g, 64m)

(Peaches & Crème used in model.)

Textured Stripes

Green – 1oz, 50yd (30g, 46m)

White – 1oz, 50yd (30g, 46m)

Pink – 1oz, 50yd (30g, 46m)

(Lily Sugar ‘n Cream & Bernat Cottontots used in model.)

Lacy Delights

Variegated Pinks – 2oz, 100yds (60g, 92m)

(Peaches & Crème used in model.)

This Little Piggy

Pink – 1½oz, 75yd (45g, 69m)

Light Pink – ½oz, 25yd (15g, 23m)

Small amounts White and Black.


Additional Materials:

For All Dishcloths:

Yarn Needle.

For "Marjorie":

Size G-6 (4.25 mm) Hook – for Ribbon.


Crochet Hook:Size H-8 (5.00 mm)

Except Pink Triple Posts - Size F-5 (3.75 mm)

Create a space full of love with the new Pink Dishcloth Set Crochet Pattern from This gorgeous, Easy Skill Level  set of dishcloth patterns is crocheted using worsted weight cotton yarn. We recommend using Premier Home Cotton, but they can easily be crocheted using your favorite yarns. This set includes twelve unique dishcloth patterns that are sure to brighten up your day.


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