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Peppermint Kitchen Set Crochet Pattern

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Design by: Maggie Weldon

Skill Level: Beginner

Size: Large Tea Cozy: Fits 4-6 cup Teapot; Small Tea Cozy: Fits 2 cup Teapot;
Towel Topper: Measures about 6″ across; Potholder: Measures about 8″ across;
Hot Pad: Measures about 7″ across; Coaster: Measures about 5″ across.

Materials: Hot or Craft Glue; Yarn Needle; Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn;
Large Tea Cozy: Red (MC): 3 oz, 144 yd (84 g, 130 m); White (CC): 3 oz, 144 yd (84 g, 130 m);
Small amount Green (G);
Small Tea Cozy: Red (MC) 1 ½ oz, 72 yd (42 g, 65 m); White (CC): 1 ½ oz, 72 yd (42 g, 65 m);
Small amount Green (G);
Towel Topper: Red (MC): 1 oz, 48 yd (28 g, 43 m); White (CC): 1 oz, 48 yd (28 g, 43 m);
Small amount Green (G); 7 mesh Plastic Canvas 6″ x 1″ strip; Plastic Canvas 6″ Circle;
Potholder: Red (MC): 1 oz, 48 yd (28 g, 43 m); White (CC): 1 oz, 48 yd (28 g, 43 m);
Hot Pad: Red (MC): 1 oz, 48 yd (28 g, 43 m); White (CC) 1 oz, 48 yd (28 g, 43 m); Small amount Green;
Coaster: Red (MC): ½ oz, 15 yd (14 g, 14 m); White (CC): ½ oz, 15 yd (14 g, 14 m).

Crochet Hook: Size K-10 ½ (6.50 mm) or size needed to obtain gauge.

Peppermint Kitchen Set Crochet Pattern

Christmas is the one time of the year that you can transform your whole house with festive decorations.

Enjoy a refreshing Wintermint Wonderland with the delicious Peppermint Kitchen Set. The colors are so bright and refreshing that you just might think they are real candy. There is no better way to liven up your winter months than with these seasonal colors. Revel in this charming set while you sit by the fire sipping hot tea on a cold, blustery day or delight your friends during a luncheon. Peppermint Kitchen Set crochet pattern includes Large Tea Cozy, Small Tea Cozy, Towel Topper, Potholder, Hot Pad and Coaster. The towel topper and potholder look like peppermint candies that are decorated with holly leaves and berries, while Hot Pad and Coaster each resemble a giant peppermint candy.

Peppermint Kitchen Set Pattern uses worsted-weight cotton yarn for all designs in this pattern set. The cotton yarn is a natural fiber that doesn't melt when used as a potholder or hot pad and acts as an insulator when used to make the tea cozies. Coasters made with cotton prevent moisture from damaging the wood furniture. Cotton yarn is washable for easy maintenance with these fun and festive kitchen items. Get ready to invite some guests over this holiday season, or use these holiday items every day to keep that festive feeling alive all season. Purchase this Christmas crochet pattern now and get stitching so your Peppermint Kitchen Set Pattern is ready to pull out when the holiday season comes around.

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