NEW Sea Turtles Crochet Pattern

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Birth Of The Sea Turtles

Last summer I had the pleasure of rescuing baby sea turtles just moments after they’d hatched. Holding these precious little beings and releasing them to the sea was an exciting, life-changing event.

A few days later, I discovered the "Happy Hatchlings" book at a booth during a lighthouse tour. The book featured six vibrant colored turtles, each with whimsical names like: Buzz, Bump and Nibbles. They were also selling manufactured turtles that matched the turtles in the book. Intrigued, I bought two turtles, but then I had an idea: "what if I could design and crochet even better ones myself?"

These adorable little crochet turtles are a big hit with everyone who sees them. Many people have asked to buy them. They take about an hour to make.

Supplies are listed in the pattern. 

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