Floral Bouquet of Dishcloths Set 1 Crochet Pattern

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Watch Maggie review this beautiful Floral Bouquet of Dishcloths Set!

Crochet Design by: Maggie Weldon

Skill Level: Easy

Size: Approx. 9 ½″ - 10″ in diameter.

Materials: Yarn Needle; Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn;
Pansy: White (W): 1 oz, 50 yds; Purple (Pp): ¼ oz, 15 yds;
Small amounts Yellow(Y), Black (BK) and Green (G);
Carnation: Variegated Pinks (VP): ¾ oz, 40 yds; Green (G): 1/3 oz, 20 yds; White (W): ½ oz, 25 yds;
Rosebud: White (W): 1 oz, 50 yds; Green (G): ¼ oz, 15 yds; Pink (P): ¼ oz, 15 yds;
Sunflower: Gold (Gd): ½ oz, 25 yds; Dark Green (DG): 1 oz, 50 yds; Small amount Brown (B);
Rose: Rose (R): 1 oz, 50 yds; Green (G): ½ oz, 25 yds; White (W): ½ oz, 25 yds;
Daisy: White (W): ½ oz, 25 yds; Green (G): ¾ oz, 40 yds; Small amount Yellow (Y);
Forget-Me-Nots: White (W): 1 oz, 50 yds; Green (G): ¼ oz, 15 yds; Light Blue (LB): ¼ oz, 15 yds;
Small amount Yellow (Y).

Crochet Hook: Size H-8 (5.00 mm) or size needed to obtain gauge.

Crochet Pattern for Floral Bouquet of Dishcloths Set 1
Bring the warmth and brightness of spring into your kitchen with this beautiful array of floral dishcloth crochet patterns. Washing dishes might even bring a smile to your face when you grab one of these delightful floral dishcloths to do the dirty work. If you like to make homemade gifts, the Floral Bouquet set will give you seven colorful options to please anyone that receives it. If you need a housewarming gift, think of how well the Floral Bouquet of Dishcloths will fit this need. This delightful pattern set includes instructions for all seven floral dishcloth crochet patterns: Rosebud, Sunflower, Forget-Me-Not, Rose, Carnation, Pansy and Daisy.

These delightful crochet dishcloth crochet patterns range from 9.5 inches to 10 inches diameter. They are large enough to thoroughly wash dishes, or perfect for a decoration in your kitchen space. Floral Bouquet of Dishcloths patterns are an easy crochet pattern that is perfect for any crochet skill level. With all the options available in the pattern set, you can choose to make your favorite design or the whole bouquet. You might even find yourself making these for everyone you know. The soft worsted weight cotton yarn is durable for a long life, yet gives your dishes a gentle and clean scrub for a spotless clean. You won't want to stop making these little beauties once you see how well a homemade crochet dishcloth cleans your dishes. The small size of these little rays of sunshine makes them a good crochet pattern project to pack up and take with you when traveling. 

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