Forget-Me-Not Doily Crochet Pattern

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Crochet Pattern for a Forgot-Me-Not Doily 

If you are looking for a crochet pattern to demonstrate your skills and level of
expertise, then the Forget-Me-Not Doily Pattern is the perfect one for you. This is
truly a memorable crochet project that you can use in your household, regardless of
the style that you have established. It is the perfect ornament for a vintage piece of
furniture. Due to the light colors, this crochet will show itself everywhere, especially
in comparison to a dark color background. If you like to have old furniture in your
home, and you lean toward more romantic touches, then this is the crochet pattern
for you. Simple, romantic, and elegant describe the Forget-Me-Not Doily Pattern.
The name of this pattern, Forget-Me-Not Doily, is not accidental. This crochet
pattern embodies the essence of crocheting, for it demands not only skills of creation
but also a strong will to create something special. This crochet project is created
with white thread, crowned with small blue flowers, with a small yellow stem in the
middle. The doily is not only beautiful but stylish, something that is not always easy
to find in crochet patterns.
This crochet project is best created with size 10 special cotton thread, and it will
require three colors (white, blue, and yellow). A simple number 7 crochet hook is
needed. The total diameter of the doily will be about 20 inches, if the size 10 thread
and the number 7 hook are used. If you use the same pattern and change the colors,
you will have a number of different crochet patterns.
This crochet pattern is the one for you, if you want to create a truly memorable
crochet project that will show your style and your delicate and romantic nature. There
are many crochet patterns out there in the traditional style, but this one successfully
combines the old style with the many advantages of using different colors. Give it a
try, and you will not regret it.

Edited By: Maggie Weldon

Skill Level: Intermediate

Size:About 20" diameter

Materials:Size 10 Crochet Cotton Thread:

            White - 100 yds;

            Blue - 100 yds;

            Yellow - 50 yds.

Thread Needle.

Crochet Hook:Steel No. 7 (1.65 mm) or size needed to obtain gauge.

Gauge:Rnds 1-3 = 1½"

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