What is knitting?

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What is Knitting?


Knitting is a popular hobby and often more known to the average person. With knitting clubs popping up everywhere, people have become familiar with the pointed sticks used in this craft. Knitting uses two needles, or sometimes one long circular needle with points on each end. One needle is held in each hand, or one end of the circular needle in each hand. A row of yarn loops is placed on one of the needles to start, then the second needle loops and pulls yarn off the first needle and onto the second needle. This back and forth motion between the two needles creates the knitted item. The process of knitting uses two basic stitches; stockinette stitch (also called the knit stitch) and purl stitch. Additional stitches are built off these two basic stitches. Knitting often uses less yarn to create the same size piece of fabric or project than when making a similar item with crochet. A knitted project that comes off the needles while being made will unravel quickly and easily compared to crochet.



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