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Crocheters make many beautiful things with yarn – some of which might even be called art – but some people have taken it to the next level and are creating beautiful paintings with yarn!


“Faults and Geodes” by Lynn Craigie. Photo by Stephanie D.

Our first work of yarn art is made from a variety of fibers, including hand-dyed and overstitched cotton, copper mesh, and copper yarn.


Sunshine Chicken Yarn Painting.
Sunshine Chicken Yarn Painting. Source Unknown.

Brighter colors of yarn lend themselves to more whimsical pieces.


Green Stripe (Madame Matisse) by workbyknight on Deviant Art.

Deviant Art user workbyknight specializes in unconventional pixelated portraits, using keyboard keys, buttons, shoes, and yes – granny squares. He has done portraits of celebrities and re-imagined famous works of art, such as this example.

Portrait of Madame Matisse. (The green line) by Henry Matisse. Found on Wikipedia.


Cat by worbyknight, on Deviant Art.

He also does cats.


Peacock Yarn Art, found on Twin Fibers. From a kit by Revell.

This fun 3D Peacock was constructed from a vintage 1960s-70s yarn art kit from Revell. While the company seems to be out of business, you can still find kits like this on eBay and Etsy from time to time.


Felted yarn art, by Rachel on Flickr.

Using felting techniques on yarn can result in a wonderful mix of textures.


Huichol Yarn Art, from

The Huichol people of Mexico have developed a very distinctive style of yarn art, deeply rooted in spiritual significance. Every color and animal is significant and may symbolize anything from heaven and fertility to evil and the land of the dead.


Yarn Art Headboard. Source Unknown.
Yarn Art Headboard. Source Unknown.

I wish this was a closer picture of the artwork/headboard. The simple monochromatic color scheme allows the various textures to really stand out.


Crochet can be a small or significant part of your decor! Check out all of our home decor posts for more inspiration.


Hugs, Maggie


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