Five Free Flower Crochet Patterns

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This week, we are pleased to present five free flower patterns, designed by Carol Ballard. These flowers can be worked with any weight of yarn. Finer weights will create a smaller flower, and bulkier weights will create a larger flower. Just use the hook size appropriate for the yarn you choose. All of our samples were made with worsted weight yarn, and most used a size H-8 hook.

Click the photo to shop Home Cotton worsted weight yarn.

Trillium Flower Pattern

Click the photo for the Trillium pattern and videos.

Primrose Flower Pattern

Click the photo for the Primrose pattern and videos.

Pink Magnolia Pattern

Click the photo for the Pink Magnolia pattern and videos.

Elephant Ears Flower Pattern

Click the photo for the Elephant Ears pattern and videos.

Dutch Iris Pattern

Click the photo for the Dutch Iris pattern and videos.

Maggie is excited to offer Five Free Flower Patterns: Dutch IrisElephant EarsPink MagnoliaPrimrose, and Trillium.

Get more free flower patterns here.


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