Thread Flower Crochet Patterns

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Design By: Maggie Weldon

Skill Level: Easy


Violet Flowers: About 1" across x 4" long

Daffodil: About 4 ½" across x 15" long

Daisy: 3 ½" in diameter

Carnation: Flower about 1-1/2" across

Leaf about 1-3/4" long


Yarn Needle;

For Each Flower:


Size 10 Crochet Cotton Thread:

Purple (P) - 2 yards,

Green (G) - 2 yards.


White (W) - 80 yards

Gold Beads,

22 gauge Stem Wire - 18" length,

Florist Tape,

1/8" wide Purple Ribbon - 18" long.

Small Baby Food Jar,

Floral Foam,


Worsted Weight Yarn:

Yellow (Y) - 16 yards;

Green (G) - 10 yards.

White Stamens,

18 & 22 gauge Stem Wire - 18" length,

Florist Tape


Size 10 Crochet Cotton Thread:

White – 20 yds,

Green – 3 ½ yds,

Yellow – 3 ½ yds.

Floral Tape,

Floral Wire,

Calyxes – one per daisy,

5/8" buttons – one per daisy.


Size 10 Crochet Cotton Thread:

Pink Variegated - 16 yds,

Green - 2 yds.

18 gauge wire - 18" long,

1 roll of Stem Wrap Tape.

Crochet Hooks:

Violets: Steel Hook # 7 (1.65 mm)

Daffodils: Aluminum Hook Size G-6 (4mm)

Daisies: Steel Hook #0 (3.25 mm) and #7 (1.65 mm)

Carnations: Steel Size: 0 and Size 7

Gauge is not important.

Thread Flower Crochet Patterns

Flowers placed in a room will brighten the space and create a calming affect. Decorative crochet flowers from these crochet patterns make for a pretty centerpiece that lasts longer than the real thing. Thread Flower Patterns is a set of four floral designs to give your space a fresh look, without the maintenance found with real flowers. The pattern includes instructions for the delicate yellow daffodils, pretty purple violets, clean white daisies and variegated pink carnations. From a distance, the Thread Flower Patterns look real. You only discover they are crochet flowers when you take a close peak. What you find is a delicate crochet flower that makes an beautiful home decor item.

Crochet home decorations are a pretty way to add accents that you won't find in any store. Thread Flower Patterns create gorgeous flowers using crochet cotton thread in size 10. The easy to follow pattern helps you quickly make the first set of flowers. Then you can crochet each of the other patterns to have plenty off flower decorations for any room of your house. Make a bouquet of crochet flowers for a housewarming gift or as a hostess gift for a party you are attending. No one will turn down flowers that require no water and are easy to care for. You can even get creative and make flowers using a variety of colors or make several of each type for a mixed bouquet. There are so many options for home decorating with the Thread Flower crochet flower pattern set.

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Enjoy your crochet time with these crochet patterns!

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