Sunflower Afghan Crochet Pattern

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Maggie Weldon Designs

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Watch the product review video about this beautiful Sunflower Afghan Crochet Pattern!
In our afghan series, this Sunflower Afghan Pattern has a very special place. Model
PA292 is a unique creation of Maggie Weldon Designs. Those with knowledge of this
kind of handmade afghan cannot help but admire the dedication that is embodied in
this special pattern. This crochet pattern is created by making a specific number of
identical squares that have the same pattern and stitching them together to create the
afghan. This crochet pattern is perfect for afghans of different sizes, depending on
the material and time available to dedicate to the project.
You can use this very special crochet pattern to create a beautiful baby blanket
for your child or a wonderful handmade gift for friends and family. The afghans
made from this crochet pattern make magnificent presents that cost a fraction of
what you'd spend in the store. Crocheting a handmade afghan also brings joy and
satisfaction to the creator and the receiver.
This crochet pattern uses three colors: brown for the inner part of the sunflower,
yellow for the petals and the delineation of the square and the afghan, and turquoise
for the rest of the afghan. These three colors work well together, because they
highlight the special details that make this pattern so successful. Other colors can be
used, but the aesthetic result will be different.
The number of the crochet hook, as well as the size of the thread, is up to you. Even
a larger size hook and a fluffier thread can be successful with this crochet pattern.
It will create a warmer afghan, but you won't lose the detail. You can also use
special baby threads that will give this pattern a more delicate feel, as well as more
comforting. There are not many crochet patterns that are suitable for all kinds of
crochet threads, but the Sunflower Afghan Pattern is, and it may well be the perfect
crochet pattern for you.

The Sunflower Afghan features three-dimensional sunflowers, perfect for brightening up your family room or den.

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