Stripes Dishcloth Set Crochet Pattern

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Skill Level: Easy


Corner to Corner - About 10” square.

Yipes Stripes - About 9” square.

Striped Rib - About 7” wide and 9” long.

Cluster Rows - About 8½” wide and 10½” long.

Square on Point - About 8½” square.

Butterfly - About 12” wide, 11" long (at widest points)

On The Edge - About 8” square.

Blue Ridge - About 9” square.

Teapot - About 8” square. (Excl. handle and knob)

Tea Cup - About 9½” wide and 7½” long.

Creamer - About 9″ wide and 7″ long.

Sugar Bowl - About 10″ wide and 7½” long.


Materials: Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn:

Corner to Corner

Stripes – 2oz, 95yd (57g, 86m)

Yipes Stripes

Stripes – 2oz, 95yd (57g, 86m)

Striped Rib

Stripes – 2oz, 95yd (57g, 86m)

Cluster Rows

Stripes – 2oz, 95yd (57g, 86m)

Square on Point

Stripes – 1oz, 47yd (28g, 43m);

Light Blue – ½oz, 25yd (15g, 23m)

Blue – ½oz, 25yd (15g, 23m)

Light Green – ½oz, 25yd (15g, 23m)

Green – ½oz, 25yd (15g, 23m)


Stripes – 2oz, 95yd (57g, 86m)

Navy – ½oz, 25yd (15g, 23m)

On The Edge

Stripes – 2oz, 95yd (57g, 86m)

Blue Ridge

Stripes – 2oz, 95yd (57g, 86m)


Stripes – 2oz, 95yd (57g, 86m)

Tea Cup

Stripes – 2oz, 95yd (57g, 86m)


Stripes – 2oz, 95yd (57g, 86m)

Sugar Bowl

Stripes – 2oz, 95yd (57g, 86m)

(Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Stripes used in all models)


Additional Materials: Yarn Needle.

Crochet Hooks:Size H-8 (5.00 mm), except for:

Yipes Stripes, Teapot, Tea Cup, Creamer & Sugar Bowl - Size I-9 (5.50 mm)

Crochet your cares away with our new Striped Dishcloth Set Crochet Pattern. This set includes 12 super cute Easy Skill Level dishcloth patterns. Each dishcloth is stitched together using Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn. No matter what color you choose, you won't go wrong with this set!

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