Premium Vintage Potholders - Set 2 Crochet Pattern

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Edited By: Maggie Weldon

Skill Level: Intermediate

Granny Basket - About 7½" wide and 9" long
Circular Fan - About 7" diameter
Clock - About 5" diameter
Granny Rose - About 5" square
Black & White - About 5¼" diameter
Red & Cream Dress - About 7" wide and 6" long

Materials: Crochet Thread Size 10:
Granny Basket
Cream - 180 yds; Red - 50 yds; Green - 10 yds
¾" Plastic Ring
Thread Needle
Circular Fan
Red - 50 yds; Cream - 100 yds
Cream - 100; Red - 50 yds; Black - 5 yds
Thread Needle
Granny Rose
Red - 50 yds; Green - 10 yds; Cream - 100 yds
Small Black & White
White - 75 yds; Black - 50 yds
Red & Cream Dress
Cream - 50 yds; Red - 100 yds

Crochet Hook: Steel size 7 (1.65 mm) or size needed to obtain gauge. (Gauge is in each pattern.)

Premium Vintage Potholders - Set 2 Crochet Pattern

After visiting antique shows, where I'm on the lookout for crocheted vintage potholders, or buying crochet 'treasures' online, I keep all the crocheted potholders in a large box. When new crochet potholders arrive, I try and mix-and-match them with the supply in the box to make up various vintage crochet pattern sets. Sometimes things just fall into place and a theme emerges. When I saw the Clock, immediately I knew I wanted another Premium Vintage crochet pattern set - with red as the common color.

If you want to use the finished vintage potholder in the kitchen, I suggest lining them with either a store bought potholder or layers of cotton quilt batting. Another idea is to place hot cookware on the backside of your potholder to protect the front from scorch marks. I have seen a few old potholders with a cotton backing added to them showing signs of scorching. The front of the potholder is like new but the back shows all the wear and tear from use.

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Your kitchen will bring you back to your grandmother's house with these potholders made from these crochet patterns!!

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