Easter Shelf Sitters & Doorstop Crochet Pattern

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Maggie Weldon Designs

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Original Design By:Maggie Weldon

 Intermediate Skill

Materials:Worsted Weight Yarn:

Mr Bunny

            White - 5 oz, 250 yds (142 g, 225 m)

            Small amount Blue, Dark Pink, Light Pink,

                        Orange and Green.

Mrs Bunny

            White - 5 oz, 250 yds (142 g, 225 m)

            Small amount Dark Pink, Light Pink, Aqua

                        and Yellow.

Easter Basket

            White - 4 oz, 200 yds (114 g, 180 m)

            Small amount Light Blue, Yellow, Pink, Aqua

                        and Lime Green.


Additional Materials:

Yarn Needle;

Small amount polyester Fiberfill;

Small Stitch Marker (or safety pin).

For each Bunny:

            Craft Glue;

            ⅜" wide Elastic - 12" long;

            ¼" Black Faceted Beads - 2 ;

            24 oz Plastic Container with Lid

                        (5" tall, 4¾" across)

            Small Rocks (to fill plastic containers)

For Mr Bunny:

            Sewing Needle and White Sewing Thread;

For Mrs Bunny:

            Small Bouquet Paper Flowers with Stem;

For Easter Basket:

7-Count Plastic Canvas:

            51 holes x 24 holes - 4 pieces (2 long sides, bottom and top)

            24 holes x 24 holes - 2 pieces (2 short sides)

            11 holes x 84 holes - 1 piece (handle)

Standard size Brick

4" square of Cardboard


Crochet Hooks:

Size G-6 (4.25 mm) or size needed to obtain gauge, and size F-5 (3.75 mm) (for Bunnies only).


Bunnies: With larger hook - 3 sc = 1"; 3 sc rows = 1"

Easter Basket: 13 dc = 4"


Mr & Mrs Bunny Shelf Sitters - About 15" tall

Easter Basket Doorstop - About 8" wide, 8" high and 4" deep (fits over standard size brick).


Everyone likes to join in on the hunt during the Easter season and designer Maggie Weldon has come up with new ways to add to the festivities.

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny Shelf Sitter are a playful duo and will add a touch of friendly spring fun to any part of your home, while the Easter Basket Doorstop fits over a standard brick to be the perfect complement to opening your doors on breezy, beautiful spring days. Now you can have fun finding new places to "hide" these latest additions to our Easter collection. Your family members will enjoy an Easter hunt filled with surprises around every corner.

Perfect for intermediate crocheters, this pattern includes instructions for Mr. and Mrs. Bunny using an F-5 hook, while their accessories (bonnet, carrot, shoes, and bowtie) as well as the doorstop, eggs and grass fringe use a G-6 hook. So whip out your worsted weight yarn and hooks to get started as these are too fun to miss out on this season!

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