Black, White, Red & Yellow Dishcloth Set Crochet Pattern

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Skill Level: Easy



Retro Ripple - About 9” wide, 11” long.

Illusions - About 9½” square.

School Bus - About 9½” wide by 8″ long.

Shell Loop - About 9¾” square.

Sunflower - About 10” diameter.

Salt & Pepper - About 10” square.

Christmas Lace - About 9½” diameter.

Diagonal Blocks - About 9” square.

Golden Fans - About 11” square.

Sunshine Dress - About 10″ wide and 7½” long.

Before the Pie. - About 7½” wide by 9½” long.

Popcorn - About 8” wide and 10½” long.


Materials: Size 10 Crochet Cotton Thread:

Retro Ripple

White & Black – 125yds each;

Red – 30yds


White & Black – 125yds each;

Red – 40yds

(Aunt Lydia’s & Royale Classic used in models.)


Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn:

School Bus

Yellow – 2oz, 100yd, (60g, 92m)

Black – 1oz, 50yd, (30g, 46m)

Red – ½oz, 25yd, (15g, 23m)

(Lily Sugar ‘n Cream used in model.)

Shell Loop

Multicolor – 2oz, 100yd (60g, 92m)

(Bernat Handicraft Cotton used in model)


Black – ½oz, 25yd (15g, 23m)

Yellow – 2oz, 100yd (60g, 92m)

(Lily Sugar ‘n Cream used in model.)

Salt & Pepper

Multicolor – 2oz, 100yd (60g, 92m)

Red – ½oz, 25yd (15g, 23m)

(Lion Cotton & Lily Sugar ‘n Cream used in model.)

Christmas Lace

Red – 1oz, 50yd (30g, 46m)

White Fleck- 1oz, 50yd (30g, 46m)

(I Love This Cotton used in model.)

Diagonal Blocks

Multicolor – 2oz, 100yd (60g, 92m)

(Lion Cotton used in model.)

Golden Fans

Yellow – 2oz, 100yd (60g, 92m)

(Lion Cotton used in model.)

Sunshine Dress

White – ½oz, 25yd (15g, 23m)

Yellow – 1oz, 50yd (30g, 46m)

(Peaches & Crème used in model.)

Before the Pie

Red – 1½oz, 75yd (45g, 69m)

Green – ½oz, 25yd (15g, 23m)

Brown – ½oz, 25yd (15g, 23m)


White – 1½oz, 75yd (45g, 69m)

Red – ½oz, 25yd (15g, 23m)

Yellow – ½oz, 25yd (15g, 23m)

(Lily Sugar ‘n Cream used in model.)


Additional Materials: Yarn Needle.

School Bus

White Cotton Thread & Thread Needle.

Sunshine Dress

¼” wide Orange Ribbon – 12″ long (optional)


Crochet Hooks:

Retro Ripple & Illusions - Size E-4 (3.50 mm)

Sunshine Dress - Size G-6 (4.25 mm)

Shell Loop, Golden Fans & Before the Pie - Size H-8 (5.00mm)

Sunflower & Christmas Lace - Size I-9 (5.50 mm)

School Bus - Sizes I-9 (5.50 mm).and E-4 (3.50 mm)

Salt & Pepper, Diagonal Blocks & Popcorn - Size J-10 (6.00mm)


The newest dishcloth set from Maggie's Crochet is the Black, White, Red & Yellow Dishcloth Set. This easy skill crochet pattern set offers some fun designs for every crocheter. Most of the patterns use worsted weight cotton yarn - two use size 10 thread. We recommend trying out Premier Home Cotton Yarn and Lizbeth Size 10 thread. No matter your age, you are sure to enjoy this set!

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