Maggie's Crochet Videos

Visit Maggie Weldon's YouTube Channel for left and right handed crochet lesson videos. Our videos are perfect for new crocheters and old crocheters alike. You can work at your own pace, learn the basics of crochet, get free patterns, learn new stitches, and make video requests with YouTube comments. Below is a sample of what you will find on our channel. Be sure to subscribe!


For easy access to links in our video description as well as access to comments, we suggest that you watch our videos on YouTube. To play the following videos on YouTube, simply click the video widget and then click the YouTube icon that appears at the bottom of the widget. This will take you to the video on YouTube where you can find links to materials and left or right handed versions in the video about tab.

Ruffled scarves are very popular right now. Watch my super easy videos and make your own!
Click here to see all of my ruffled scarf videos in one easy playlist!


I also show you how to make ruffled scarves with 2 strands for a fuller scarf that allows more color options.


The Catherine Wheel stitch is becoming increasingly popular for crochet afghans and potholders.
Learn the Catherine Wheel Stitch Left Handed Lesson or click here to see my Left Handed Crochet Stitches Playlist:


Learn the Catherine Wheel Stitch Right Handed Lesson or click here to see my Right Handed Crochet Stitches Playlist:

Start your projects with a chainless foundation - Maggie shows you how easy it is! For more chainless foundation videos watch my playlist.

Watch the left handed version of this lesson.