Maggie's Crochet Leaflet Corrections

L005 Holiday Afghans 2

page 4
St. Patrick's Day
Rnd 3: Right Side Facing join MC in any ch-5 lp...

page 7
4th of July Uncle Sam
Rnd 6, line 4: omit

L006 Holiday Broom Dolls

page 6
4th of July
Striped Ruffle Row 2: Working in FLO, ch 3, turn, dc in each st across...

page 8
After Dress, add Sleeve.
With E, rep Rnds 1-11 of Valentine's Day Sleeve.
Rnd 12: With G, rep Rnd 12 of St. Patrick's Day Sleeve.

page 9
Add special stitch.
double crochet decrease (dc dec): 2 dc in st indicated.

Dress Rnd 1: Leaving 9" end for gathering, starting at top with smaller hook, with R ch 36...
Dress Rnds 5-24: Ch 3, increasing 6 dc evenly spaced, dc in each st around.

Sleeve Rnds 10-12:... Fasten off at the end of Rnd 12.

Staring at bottom of Hat and working towards tip, with R and smaller hook, ch 60...

L013 Holiday Bottle Toppers Book 1

page 6
Mr. Bunny Bottle Topper
Add before Finishing instructions
Mr. Bunny Bow Tie
Row 1: With B, ch 10, dc in 4th ch from hook and in each ch across. (8 dc)
Rows 2-5: Ch 3, turn, dc in each st across. (8 dc)
Edging: Ch 1, 3 sc in last dc of Row 5, * 2 dc in side of each row across *, working in unused lps of starting ch, 3 sc in first lp, sc in each lp across to last lp, 3 sc in last lp; rep * to * once, 3 sc in first st of Row 5, sc in each st across; join with a sl st to first sc. (JOIN ALL SC RNDS IN THIS MANNER) Finish off.

Rnd 1: With B, ch 8, sl st in first ch to form a ring, sc in each sc around; join. (8 sc)
Rnd 2: Sc in each st around; join. (8 sc) Finish off.

Slide Bow Tie through Knot. Attach Bow to Bunny Neck.

Snowman Bottle Topper


Used to say: Sew Arms over Rnds 15-17 of the body.

Change: Sew Arms over Rnds 21-26 of the body.

L014 Holiday Bottle Toppers Book 2

page 3
Mrs. Pilgrim Bottle Topper
On Apron Row 1, take out "CH 1, TURN EACH ROW."

Edging, line 5: 2 sc in each dc row, sc in first st of Row 7, (ch 3, skip next)

L016 Crinoline Ladies

page 2
Bride Doily
Lower Bodice and Skirt Row 6: Ch 4, turn, htr in next htr, (ch 2, skip next htr, htr cl-st over next 2 htr) 10 times. (10 ch-2 sps)

L017 Vintage Doilies

page 7
Small Pansy Doily
Rnd 2: Ch 3, (skip next st, dc, ch 4, dc in next st) 11 times...

L022 Ponchos

page 4
Ribbon Poncho
Rnd 2 (right side): ... join wtih a sl st to first sc. [32 (36, 40) ch-4 sps]

page 6
Rose Granny Poncho
Rnd 7: ... join with a sl st to first dc. [36 (40) groups of 3-dc and 4 groups of 2-dc]

... At the end of Rnd 25 there will be 74 (78) groups of 3-dc. Finish off and weave in ends.

L023 Purses

page 4
Hippie Denim Purse, correction

Gauge: Purse (using smaller hook) - 6 dc and 2 rows = 2"
Handle (using larger hook) - 7 sl sts = 3"

Back Rnd 1 (Wrong Side): Using MC and smaller hook...

Front Row 1 (Wrong Side): Using MC and smaller hook, ch 15, ch 3...

page 5
Hippie Denim Purse
Add to end of pattern:
Using 2 strands of CC and larger hook, ch 60, sl st in each ch. Finish off leaving long end.
Using picture as a guide, and using Yarn, Yarn Needle and long end, sew Handle to Purse. Weave in loose ends.