MAC Step-By-Step Instructions

All patterns sold on our site require you to have Adobe Reader installed on your Mac. You can download this program for free. If you do not know what version of the Mac system you have click the apple icon (usually in the top left corner of your screen) and select “about this mac.”

Click HERE to download Adobe Reader for free.


How to download from the order success screen:

Step 1: After you have completed Checkout you will be taken to the Order Success screen. On this screen there is a link that reads “Click here to download your digital goods”. Once you have clicked the link you will be redirected to the download page.

Step 2: On the download page, you will be able to select each file you have ordered as a download. Click on each item and a pop-up box will appear asking you to either Open or Save. We recommend that you save the file onto your computer before you open the pattern.

Step 3: Select Save File and then click OK. This generally will save into your Downloads folder on your computer though this may vary depending on the settings you have selected on your computer and your browser.

If you select Open rather than Save – be sure to select Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat as the program you use to open the file. Once the download  is complete, the file will automatically open . Please keep in mind you will have to save the file to access it again if you only Open it.

Step 7: Open Adobe Reader

·         Finder>Applications if the icon does not appear on the doc

Step 8: File>Open

·         The file will be in the “downloads” folder (Finder>whatever their username is—it has a house icon next to it>Downloads)

Step 9:  Enter the password

Step 10:  Save to your computer

·         File>Save As>PDF

Make sure to Save the file to your MAC or Print the file in order to have access to it at a later date.  Also be sure to save the email from SEND OWL Digital Delivery App, it contains your password and permanent download links.