Love Knot Poncho - Free Crochet Pattern

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Skill Level - Easy



Misses S-L – 44" around x 20" long, not including fringe

Womens 1X-3X – 58" around x 26" long, not including fringe

Materials: Sport Weight Yarn

    Ecru – 4 ½ (8) oz, 375 (680) yds, [126 (224) grams, 300 (544) meters]

Yarn Needle

Crochet Hook:  Size C-2 (2.75 mm) or size needed to obtain gauge.

Gauge: 4 dlks = 4"



ch - chain

lp - loop

rep - repeat

sc - single crochet

yo - yarn over

Special Stitches

Double Love Knot (dlk): * Pull up lp on hook about ½", yo, pull through lp (Fig. 1), insert hook in back strand of long lp, yo, pull up a lp (Fig. 2), yo, pull through both lps on hook (Fig. 3), rep from * once more (Fig. 4, 5 & 6).

Love Knot (lk): Pull up a lp on hooks about ½", yo, pull through lp, insert hook in back strand of long lp, yo pull up a lp, yo, pull through both lps on hook.



Row 1 (right side): Starting at short end, ch 74 (102), sc in 2nd ch from hook, (dlk, skip 3 ch, sc in next ch) 18 (25) times. [18 (25) dlks]

Row 2: Turn, (dlk, sc in center sc of next dlk) across. [18 (25) dlks]

Repeat Row 2 until Poncho is 44" (58") long, or until desired length around shoulders.

Last Row: Turn, dlk, sc in center sc of next dlk, (lk, sc in center sc of next dlk) across to last dlk, dlk, sl st in center sc of last dlk.  Finish off leaving long end.



Fold Poncho in half, making a square with right sides facing each other.  Using long end and Yarn Needle, sew a 6" seam along edges of rows on one side.  This is the Top of the Poncho.  Weave in ends.



Cut a piece of cardboard 3" wide x 6" long. Wind yarn loosely around the cardboard lengthwise until full. Cut across one end; repeat as needed.

Hold 3 strands and fold in half. Working in love knots along sides of Bottom rows, with wrong side of Poncho facing and using a crochet hook, draw the folded end up through a lp (Fig. 7) and pull the loose ends and yarn tails through the folded end (Fig. 8); draw the knot up tightly. Repeat for fringes in Bottom rows, Row 1 and Last Row. Lay flat on hard surface and trim ends.


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