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What do you mean you don't know how to crochet? ...My grandma does :) 

Posted by Maggie Weldon on

I think my granddaughter Ruthie (above) is welcoming you to an introduction to crochet...

If you've never crocheted - Welcome! Here is a brief lesson to get you started:


What is Crochet? Crochet is a needle craft hobby that uses a single hook device to create looping stitches. Crochet begins with a chain or foundation row that doesn't reside on the hook. The hook pulls loops through previously made stitches (or chains) to create the project. There are no stitches that stay on the hook while working the project, with the exception of Tunisian crochet where this style of crochet is a combination of knitting and crocheting techniques. The process of crochet uses four basic stitches; single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet and triple (or treble) crochet. These stitches are combined and multiplied to create a large variety of other crochet stitches. The methods used to crochet often create a thicker piece of fabric than knit stitches when using a hook and yarn of a similar thickness. The advantage of crocheting over knitting is that there is only one loop on the hook after a stitch is completed so the project doesn't unravel as easily as a knitted item. This makes crochet an ideal travel project.



Stay tuned for the next blog post for more tips and tricks...


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