Vintage Ripple Edged Doily Crochet Pattern

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Picture of Vintage Ripple Edged Doily Crochet Pattern
  • vintage crochet ripple edged doily
  • vintage crochet ripple edged doily
  • vintage crochet ripple edged doily

Watch Maggie review this beautiful Vintage Ripple Edged Doily!

Edited By: Maggie Weldon

Skill Level: Intermediate

Size: About 10" diameter

Materials: Size 10 Cotton Crochet Thread:
 Red - 120 yds
 White - 150 yds

Crochet Hook: Steel No. 7 (1.65 mm) or size needed to obtain gauge.

Gauge: Rnds 1-2 = 1½" diameter

Vintage Ripple Edged Doily

    Doilies have been and still are a nice decorative item to have around the house. Their Elegance can turn a boring shelf into a charming place to put books or other decor items.The Vintage Ripple Edged Doily Pattern is a simple flower crochet pattern that is easy to make and suitable as a gift for a dear person.

   The crochet crafter, that is using this crochet pattern, can work with other colors, as well. Once the pattern arrives, there's no limit to what a passionate person can create. Maybe,vintage doilies, in many different colors, can stay in every room of the house. They could be used to cheer up a bathroom, to give a bit of color to a kitchen, or to cover the cabinet near the bed.

   A friend will surely appreciate this kind of present, especially if she is a busy woman who doesn't really have time to relax. The crochet pattern can also be sent via internet to everywhere in the world, so if a relative is on the other side of the globe, she can enjoy a pretty and thoughtful present like this crochet pattern.

   What makes this Vintage Ripple Edged Doily Pattern so attractive is for each individual crochet crafter to find out. Maybe it's the pleasure of making it, or the happiness it can bring to the receiver, or maybe just the combination of the colors. One thing is sure, though. No house should ever be deprived of this lovely Vintage Ripple Edged Doily.