Halloween Ghosts Afghan & Pillow Set Pattern

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Picture of Halloween Ghosts Afghan & Pillow Set Pattern
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  • halloween ghosts afghan
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  • Halloween Ghosts Afghan & Pillow Set Pattern
  • Halloween Ghosts Afghan & Pillow Set Pattern
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Design By: Maggie Weldon

Skill Level: Intermediate

Size: 45" wide x 68" long

Materials: Worsted Weight Yarn;
33 ozs (1,980 yds) Black (MC); 19 ozs (1,140 yds) White (A);
1 oz (60 yds) Gray (B); 5 ozs (300 yds) Orange (C); small amounts of Green (D); and Purple (E)
Crochet hook, size I, or size required for gauge
Yarn Needle 
Hot or Craft Glue

Gauge:3 Sc Rows = 1 Rectangle = 11" wide x 13-1/2" long.

Halloween Ghosts Afghan and Pillow Set

I never thought I would do another Holiday afghan but I couldn't help myself! I guess I have a thing for the holidays!

On the long ride home from elementary school we passed a house with an enormous picture window. This wasn't just any window. It was decorated with hearts for Valentine's Day, shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day, bunnies and baskets for Easter, flags and stars for the Fourth, pumpkins for Halloween, turkeys for Thanksgivings and Santa for Christmas.  Between these holidays they would decorate for the seasons. Every day I looked forward to seeing what was in that window, especially when the holidays changed!

I hope this afghan will brighten up your days the way that window did so many of mine.

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Wendy Decarlo from N/A on May 01, 2013
This is adorable! I'm going to have to order it! Honestly, I have only ordered 1 item from your site, but I am on it all the time and I LOVE it! I have so many projects I am working on at the moment that I have to hold myself back from buying more patterns! I want to finish the projects I've started first! But I really love your site, and all the beautiful patterns and ideas!