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Tulip Etimo Steel Crochet Hook Set - 8 Pieces

Tulip Etimo Steel Crochet Hook Set - 8 Pieces

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Back by popular demand!!!

Never be without a steel hook size with the "crochet-all-day" Etimo hook set. Steel hooks in unique sizes 0/1.75mm, 2/1.5mm, 4/1.25mm, 6/1mm, 8/0.9mm, 10/0.75mm, 12/0.6mm, 14/0.5mm come in this set, plus a pair of the highest quality Italian-made embroidery scissors, two sizes of tapestry needles and a 4-1/2" ruler. Each hook has its own sized slot, the scissors its own sleeve and the accessories their own interior zippered pocket. A clear flap folds over all the tools for protection. The pale blue and silver fabric case folds and closes with a magnetic snap. It's elegant enough to be mistaken for an evening mini-clutch!

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