Storybook Puppets: Jack and the Beanstalk

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Maggie Weldon Designs

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Storybook Puppets: Jack & the Beanstalk Pattern PA859 - Jack and the Beanstalk is a well-known fairytale. The story first appeared about 1820, and there are many versions. Another name for the story is 'Jack and the Giant Killer'.

Now your children and grandchildren will enjoy hours of fun acting out this fairy tale with the new storybook puppets. Jack, Bean Stalk and Giant are now available in a hand puppet size. Jack is sporting overalls with a Bag of Gold, Golden Egg, and Harp. Simply slip your hand up the bottom of the puppet into the mouth and arms. Each measures about 12" or 15" inches tall depending on sport or worsted weight yarn used.

Summary of the Tale: One day Jack's mother tells him they are so poor that he must take the cow to market to get some food. On the way Jack meets a man who gives Jack five magic beans in exchange for the cow. His angry mother throws the beans into the garden. Overnight the beans grow into a huge beanstalk and Jack climbs up. At the top he finds a castle where a giant and his wife live. The giant likes to eat children so Jack hides in the oven. Jack goes up the beanstalk three times. When the giant is sleeping, Jack steals a bag of gold, a magic hen, and a golden harp. The third time, the giant wakes up and chases Jack down the beanstalk. Jack and his mother cut down the beanstalk and the giant falls to his death.

Original Designs by: Joy Lewis

Skill Level: Intermediate

Size: Sport Weight Yarn – about 11" tall; Worsted Weight Yarn – about 14" tall.


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