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Side to Side Shawls

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These three shawls will adorn you or your home perfectly!


Window Shawl - This is a lovely simple shawl, perfect for a child or a window!

Size: 44" across, 22" deep at center.

Materials: size 4 medium. Red Heart Super Saver #0358 Lavender: 5.8oz., 164 gr. (On 7-oz skein). If this shawl is intended to be worn I recommend a softer yarn for more drape.

Hook: size H/8/5mm


Lady's Shawl

Size: 64" wide by 32" deeo at cebter vacj; Ladies size Small to XL.

Materials: size 4 medium, Caron Simply Soft 9.7oz., 278 gr., Plum (two 6-os skeins)

Hook: Size H/8/5mm


Bed Shawl - This shawl looks fabulous draped at the bottom of a full or queen-sized bed, or draped around a 2X or larger lady!

Size: 84" across by 42" deep at center back; Ladies size 2-3X.

Materials: size 4 medium: Caroln Simply Soft, Teal: 17oz., 472 gr., (three 6-oz skeins).

Hook: size H/8/5mm aluminum Susan Baters, or 2 sizes smaller in Boye.


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