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Scrap Mats & Coasters Set Crochet Pattern

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Stella-Marie Publications

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Designer Notes:

This pattern set evolved after most of the variegated thread used in my original version were discontinued within the first year of publication. This SC-in-BLO ripple design just MADE for variegated threads or yarns! In setting out to find new color combinations, I explored the Lizbeth size 3 shades. So lovely!


For all mats:

Hook: Size C/2 aluminum or size1 steel Susan Bates hook, or 1-2 sizes smaller in Boye. Rule of Thumb: Use the smallest hook size possible, that does not split the thread/yarn. Tight is good for these designs.

Thread/Yarn: Size 3 cotton or equivalent (2 strands of size 10 held together as one thread) was used in the models. Any yarn may be used with the corresponding hook. Many DK weight yarns will work well and have lovely variegated shades.

Colors: Use whatever color you have on hand. Colors are shown for inspiration.


Cottage Charm - size 9 inches in diameter, 12 points.

Island Sunshine - 8.375 inches in diameter, 11 points.

Ocean Jewel - 6.75 inches in diameter, 8 points.

Peaches & Cream - 8.5 inches in diameter, 10 points.


Colorful Coasters:

Materials: Approximately 0.6 ounces or 2 grams total used in each model.

Size - 6 inches in diameter, 7 points.


Starburst Mats:

Size - 8 inches in diameter, 10 points.

Materials: Approximately 1.5 ounces or 44 grams total used in each model.

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