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No Adults Allowed! 13 Crochet Designs for Kids Only

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Sweetness personified. Loves a challenge. Irrepressibly unique. A laugh a minute. Remind you of the captivating kiddos you know? Just imagine them enjoying these 13 crocheted chill-chasers by designer Kay Meadors! The sizes for the caps and hats vary, so you'll find the perfect pattern for each young person, from preemie to active teen. There's also a blanket for wee ones and a scarf with cloche set for preteens. 13 designs, all crocheted using medium weight yarn and hook size H, I, or J: Baby's Favorite Blankie, Make Waves Hat, Birthday Cake Cap, Little Guy Preemie Cap, Your Way Scarf and Cloche Set, Festive Hat, L'il Lumberjack Cap, Easy Breezy Hat, Tied Up Topper, Tri Corner Cap, Elf Cap, and Two Tassels, No Hassles Hat.

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