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Crocodile Stitch Fashions

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The Crocodile Stitch is all the talk in crochet. You can tell why this stitch is called the Crocodile stitch just by looking at the designs. It is actually much easier than it looks! An intermediate crocheter or even a dedicated beginner will master this stitch in no time at all. The actual crocodile scale is made using a simple chain stitch and double crochet and is formed by a two-row repeat. The layers of "scales" lends itself to the 8 fashionable accessories found in this pattern book. Step-by-step photo illustrations are included for 8 fashionable projects including a variety of hats, gloves and an exquisite triangle shawl.

Now is the time to expand your crochet technique and learn the crocodile stitch. The Crochet Stitch Fashion crochet pattern book gives uses the crocodile stitch as the focal point in 8 attractive patterns. Just take a look at the pattern pictures to see how this creative stitch received its name. The pictures are enough to peak your interest, but don't let it fool you. While this crochet stitch appears complicated, it is actually easy to complete. An intermediate crocheter or even a dedicated beginner can master the crocodile stitch and complete all the attractive accessories in this pattern book. The crocodile stitch is actually a group of stitches that make a scale-like design. Multiple scales stack together in layers. The scale starts with the basic chain stitch, followed by double crochet stitches in a two-row repeat. The result is an eye-catching design with a layered texture that works well for accessory items or anything you want to pop out and demand attention.

The Crocodile Stitch Fashions pattern book uses the layers of "scales" to create 8 fashionable accessories that won't take you long to complete. You will find a variety of patterns, including hats, wrist warmers, scarf and even a triangle shawl. All patterns have step-by-step photo illustrations that walk you through process from start to finish. These crochet patterns use fine to fingering weight yarns that reduce the bulk created with the layered effect. Adding Crocodile Stitch Fashions to your wardrobe will spice up your look, or make intricate-looking gifts for someone with a creative personality.

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