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Crocheted Hats For The Beginner

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Leisure Arts

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You know you look marvelous in a hat. And these fashions are so easy to crochet, you'll want to make them all. There's a fetching red tam, a glamorous peacock rolled-brim, a plush brown riding cap - a total of six styles by Mary Estok Nolfi that will flatter your face. Come to think of it, aren't your friends going to want some of these tempting toppers, too? Treat them to a black-and-white hat with a perky blossom and an adjustable brim. Or how about a simple blue-and-grey number with a sporty rolled edge? There's even a dressy black design that make every occasion a little more elegant. Choose your favorite pattern and get started, because an entire wardrobe of original hats is at your fingertips.

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