Cooking Katie Chef Set Crochet Pattern

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Design By: Marie Murray & Rosemarie Fagan

Skill Level: Easy

Size: Fits ages 2-6

Materials: Yarn Needle, Worsted Weight Yarn;
Storage Bag: Red (MC): 6 oz, 330 yd (168 g, 297 m); Small amount Pink (P); 1 ½″ button;
Apron: White (MC): 5 oz, 275 yd (140 g, 248 m); Rose (R): 1 oz, 55 yd (28 g, 50 m);
Pink (P): ½ oz, 28 yd (14 g, 25 m);
Chef's Hat: White (MC): 3 oz, 165 yd (84 g, 149 m);
Oven Mitt: Red (MC): 1 ½ oz, 83 yd (42 g, 75 m); Small amount Rose (R) and Pink (P);
Tools and Food: Red (MC), Grey (G) and Beige (B): 1 oz, 55 yd (28 g, 50 m) each;
Small amount Bright Red (BR), White (W), Black (Bl) and Brown (Bn); Fiberfill.

Crochet Hook: Size H-8 (5.00 mm) or size needed to obtain gauge.

Cooking Katie Chef Set Crochet Pattern

Pretending to cook in the kitchen like mom is a favorite of many little girls. With the Cooking Katie Chef Set, dress up and cooking pretend time is a breeze. The ensemble is fully functional and can be worn to help bake cookies with Mom or Grandma. Pattern includes instructions for the Apron, Chef's Hat, Oven Mitt, Rolling Pin, Ice Cream Scoop, Pizza Cutter, Cookie, Pizza Slice and Storage Bag. There is nothing missing with this fun crochet toy set. The apron and chef hat is designed to fit a girl ages 2 to 6 perfectly, with plenty of pocket room in the apron to hold cooking accessories or play food. She will fit the part of a master chef with the complete crochet kitchen accessories, utensils and food.

Cooking Katie Chef Set is an easy crochet skill level that anyone can quickly whip up using a worsted-weight yarn. Use the recommended colors in the pattern, or change it up to any color combination that you little girl likes. This complete kitchen cooking crochet play set makes an excellent gift for a birthday, Christmas or just as a surprise. Don't forget the boys in your life. Check out the companion pattern Handy Andy Tool Set. You can also adjust the Cooking Katie Chef Set yarn colors to make the set boy friendly. These fun crochet play sets will provide hours of fun and creativity. What an excellent way to get your children involved in the cooking process when they are too young to dig into a real recipe.

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