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Arm Knitting: Chunky Cowls, Scarves, & Other No-Needle Knits

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Arm yourself with everything you need to knit without needles. Roll up your sleeves (literally!) and get ready to delve into the art of no-needle knitting. With just your hands and forearms, some yarn, and Arm Knitting—a must-have, step-by-step booklet for knitters of all levels–you’ll learn how to create chunky cowls, pretty scarves, feminine shrugs, and a host of other projects that can be completed in less than an hour without knitting needles.

Get in on the latest craze! Arm knitting, in which big yarn loops are “cast on” just below the knitter’s wrists, is the latest craze. It’s quick and easy, and because you only need a skein or two of yarn to complete each project, it’s cost effective. Plus, arm knitting is fun, relaxing, and totally gratifying!

Learn how to master 12 projects including:

  • Your Team Scarf
  • Pom Pom Pretty Scarf
  • Animal Instinct Fabric Scarf
  • Super Cozy, Cuddly Throws & Blankets
  • Evening Sparkle Tie-On Collar
  • Purple Passion Shrug
  • Knit Wit Cowl
  • Blue Coral Cowl
  • Green Goddess Cape
  • And more!

Watch chunky creations come to life before your eyes. Blankets and throws are always in season, so you can get started on one right away. Shrugs and cowls are perfect cover-ups for summery evenings when the temperature dips. And, depending upon the type of yarn, scarves can be the perfect fashion accessories all year long. Make something for yourself, create a gift for a friend—Arm Knitting packs in all the know-how and inspiration you need to no-needle knit something truly special.

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