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Lizbeth Size 3 - Solid Colors

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Product Tutorial - Enjoy this pansy crochet pattern, it works great with Lizbeth thread!


Tat, Knit, Crochet like a dream with 75 Colors!!!

100% Egyptian Cotton

I am so excited to have this new line of size 3 sport weight crochet cotton Lizbeth thread. I have been waiting for months for the thread to arrive. For years I have designed crochet patterns using a sport weight cotton yarn but the color choices were always so limiting. I can not wait to start designing new t-shirt dresses, hats, layettes, potholders and more with all the color choices to pick from. Many of the crochet patterns here on the site can be made with this thread including: all of the T-shirt dresses, T-shirt Dress Crochet Hats, Jenna Jacket, Luster Sheen Jar Crochet Lace Covers, CD Coasters, Ripple Layette, Pineapple Tree Skirt and so many more patterns.

Exceptional High Quality cordonnet thread with a large assortment of colors! Handy Hands, Inc. combined forces with an international thread manufacturer to develop this exceptional imported line of cotton thread, designed especially for tatters, crocheters, knitters and hand-crafters of all persuasions.

The thread is super-combed and gas-singed for outstanding body, mercerized and color fast. Color is uniform throughout. Made to Handy Hands' high standard of quality.

Size 3 = 50 grams, approx. 120 yds

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