Whimsical Scarves

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Picture of Whimsical Scarves

When the cold weather hits, pull out a fun scarf to show your crazy style. The Whimsical Scarves pattern offers four scarf patterns in a style that makes you feel silly. It is hard not to smile while wearing a scarf made from a string of cute little cats, adorable puppies, Christmas trees and Christmas light bulbs. Each character is made individually, then sewn together to finish the scarf. Whimsical Scarves are easy to pack in bag while you are making the project, so you can have a crochet project with you all the time. Use the individual as an applique for other crochet projects. The pattern is great way to embellish or decorate anything that needs a little punch of fun.

Whimsical Scarves are an easy crochet project. Any skill level can take any of the four patterns and stitch them up quickly. The scarves use a worsted-weight yarn for a durable and warm wrap around your face and neck. These designs are screaming fun, which exactly what you will have while making them. Use the recommended color options, or change them up for a creative look. Crochet scarves with fun designs are bound to get people talking. You can even mix up the patterns for a combination scarf that is unique. Make them for yourself, or stitch up several as gifts for your children or other family members. Anyone with a sense of humor and happy personality will understand why the Whimsical Scarves are a must for your winter wardrobe. 


Crochet Village Pattern

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