Vintage Fashion Potholders Crochet Pattern Leaflet

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Picture of Vintage Fashion Potholders Crochet Pattern Leaflet
  • Vintage Fashion Potholders Crochet Pattern Leaflet
  • Vintage Fashion Potholders Crochet Pattern Leaflet
  • Vintage Fashion Potholders Crochet Pattern Leaflet

Crochet Design By: Maggie Weldon & Mary Ann Sipes

Crochet Pattern Leaflet for Vintage Fashion Potholders

Removing hot pans from the fire or hot stove was a dangerous task, unless you had a potholder to help you out. These functional kitchen items helped women with making food before the invention of plastic handles and asbestos oven mitts. These crochet patterns create colorful hand crochet potholders. One vintage crochet design that became popular during this era resembled fun clothing and accessories. Now you can create these same nostalgic looking potholders, reminiscent of the ones our mothers and grandmothers used to make. "Vintage Fashion Potholders" is a delightful booklet of vintage crochet potholders sure to please anyone that is lucky enough to make or receive these pretty potholders. Hang the cute miniature clothing potholders on wall display hooks, or hang them from the oven handle for a dainty accent.  However you make these potholders your sure to love this crochet pattern.

All nine crochet designs are crocheted using sport weight cotton yarn. If you can't find the perfect sport weight yarn, you may substitute two strands of bedspread-weight cotton thread (size 10) to get a similar effect. Cotton is a natural fiber that won't melt or damage after touching a hot pan. The potholder dress designs can also be used to cover small dish soap bottles for a pretty kitchen effect. This pattern set lets you have fun and be creative with crochet. Crochet these  Vintage Fashion Potholder crochet patterns for yourself, or make them for a gift. These cute little clothes are the perfect way to bring a smile to the receiver's face.

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Reviews for Vintage Fashion Potholders Crochet Pattern Leaflet
4 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
Catherine Burrows from Carl Junction, MO on Jan 25, 2014
I love vintage patterns. They are so easy to read and make the whole house look inviting. Prices are great and Maggie's patterns are fun to do.