Uptown Downtown Shrug Pattern

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The Uptown Downtown Shrug Pattern is a sleeveless summertime shrug that you can wear two ways.  Shaped armholes give a neat fit, while the collar/bottom edge is much fuller on one side than the other. Worn one way, the garment forms a long, slimmer, more casual silhouette. The first option has a sweet small collar with a full, long lower back and front edge. Switch this shrug into a new look by flipping it over and swapping the armholes. Suddenly, this beautiful crochet shrug forms a lovely capelet that keeps your shoulders warm over a bare dress or top. The second options creates a shorter length for a flattering dressy effect. Either way you choose to wear the Uptown Downtown Shrug, this crochet garment can be overlapped in front or pinned in a variety of ways for a closure. You get all of this with one garment.

Uptown Downtown Shrug Pattern is made using a soft worsted-weight yarn in the color of your choice. The lacy look is versatile for elegant or casual attire. Wear this short or long version with jeans and a lightweight shirt for the ultimate casual look. Pairing the shrug with a cocktail dress or elegant skirt adds texture to your overall look. The Uptown Downtown Shrug Pattern includes instructions for sizes from Small to 5X-Large. The comfortable two-style crochet garment will add options to your current wardrobe. Select a yarn color that compliments the items currently in your closet and have fun watching this shrug shrug transform into a finished piece.

Reviews for Uptown Downtown Shrug Pattern
5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
Susan Thompson from N/A on Jun 05, 2011
This is a well-written pattern and the product turned out exactly as pictured. However for those like me, who are a little more generously proportioned, the design of this garment adds a lot of bulk to your figure. I'd only recommend it to those who are very slim and not too big on top. If that's you, then buy this pattern, you'll love it. If it isn't, keep looking because you'll be disappointed.
Lunete Campbell from N/A on Mar 11, 2009
This is a great pattern. I started a pattern like his in 2007 had to stopped because I could not get the fling to fall. Its Great